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Colon Hydrotherapy - Home Style

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The colon, which is the lowest part of the intestinal tract, or digestive tract, actually begins with the mouth. As food and drink move down this track, many different activities and changes take place in the ‘bolus’ of food. When it gets into the Large Colon, it is often much slower than it should be due to many various reasons. Some of which are, not enough water in the body, not enough fiber in the body, too many low-density fats present, toxic acids or waste building up and a mucoid plaque adhering to the lining of the intestinal tract.

This plaque acts like a protective barrier to the body, but it also weakens the muscular wall of the colon decreasing the function ability, often to the point of thinning of the muscle wall, so that a balloon-like effect is present. This renders the bowel unable to propel food through the intestines to the outside. Another very serious problem that is quite common in today’s world is leaky gut.

Essentially, the cells in the walls of the intestines are too far apart and let larger undigested particles get through. These large particles can get clear out to the cells and lodge on the outside of the cell membranes causing malfunction of all body cells. This effect comes from the swelling that is a result of chronic low-grade inflammation in the bowel. This generally has come about due to the decrease of fiber in our diet, and lack of complete digestion of proteins and fats. Also, too much simple carbohydrates factors into this condition largely as well. With this happening within the intestinal tract, the liver is triggered to put out more cholesterol and more triglycerides to protect us against the toxic acids that are produced in this situation, therefore more plaque, therefore more, inflammation, swelling, and more leaky gut, with many other problems. Herbal Bowel Cleansing is an absolute must for ongoing cleansing and healing, but Colon Hydrotherapy is most helpful especially at the beginning. To break loose the mucoid plaque requires some work. So, after you have begun the Intestinal Cleanse Formula #1, and have some Intestinal Detox Formula #2.

How do you do a colonic style enema?

Here’s how: Begin with collecting all that you need for this cleansing. A warm place by a toilet with a towel or blanket on the floor and a pillow An enema bucket that will hold at least three quarts of liquid Non petroleum jelly to lube the end of the tubing for insertion Lobelia tincture, and Ozone treated water or chlorophyll liquid to put in the water, or some other teas for the liver Make enema water #1 by putting about one pint of warm water into the bucket and place 4 droppers full of Lobelia Tincture into the water. Lie on left side with lower leg outstretched and upper leg bent up (enema position) and insert the tip into the rectum about 2-3 inches to get past the sphincter muscle, using the jelly to lube the end of the tubing before inserting. Let all of the Lobelia water run in before stopping the enema and expelling the water. If this can be held for 5 minutes, that would be even better as this will relax the bowel muscle to receive the larger #2 enema.

After expelling the Lobelia water, make the #2 enema water. In the enema bucket place 3 quarts of hot water that is warmer than body temperature, but not TOO hot. This can be the Ozone water, and if you do not have that then add 3 tablespoons or more of Chlorophyll to just plain three quarts of water and use that. You can even use some Liver Formula tea for the enema water. The liver will dump even better than with a coffee enema, with all three of these choices. The Ozone water would be the best, but not everyone has that ability. Reassume the enema position, and insert the tubing as before. Have the bucket somewhat higher than the head and adjust the height for flow speed, or the clamp if you’re fortunate enough to have an adjustable clamp. As the water begins to flow in, using your fingertips on your opened hand, push them in and out in a jiggling motion, beginning with the lowest portion of bowel on your left side and working up to the ribs. When you hear the water inside sloshing around up by your ribs, then turn over onto your back and work the jiggling motion from your left side to the right side across underneath the ribs and across the stomach area. You will soon hear it under the right ribs. When that is so, then turn to the right side and continue working the water down to the appendices. By then, all of the water of enema #2 should have already gone in, and the tubing can be removed. Hold the water for a while, you can even get up and walk around while you await the urge to expel. This can be done up to three times a day for 6 days. Then you must take a two or three-week break and allow the bowel to return to normal, before considering more enemas. The bowel can get lazy and eventually quit functioning with the continual use of enemas. Usually, more is not needed. Most people do not even get that many in and the mucoid plaque leaves without that much intensity, especially if doing the Intestinal Detox Formula #2 which will rid the body of the mucoid plaque by itself over time. Enemas have one drawback that is not so good. Most of us have indigestion problems, even if we do not notice that we do. We do not digest our foods completely and slowly over time (some not so slowly) our normal flora becomes abnormal or lacking dramatically so that we are very toxic, and we do not absorb our nutrition. Normal Flora or friendly bacteria, are absolutely essential and in good quality and quantity for digestion, absorbing nutrients from digestion out to the cells, and for the health of our digestive system and the whole body. So, to wash them out with an enema, or colon hydrotherapy doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Even with replacement therapy, it still takes quite a while to reestablish the new probiotics into a healthy growth of normal functioning friendly bacteria in the numbers that we need. So if we do not have to wash out our colons, don’t do it. The herbal bowel cleansing products will aid the body in restoring the colon health even without colon hydrotherapy. I use these enemas or colonics, either professional or at home, on occasion, like if someone presents as having severe bowel complications, or very ill; to hasten the healing phase and the elimination of the mucoid plaque. Remember that the mucoid plaque was there to protect the body from the acids that indigestion threw off. So, now that the plaque is removed, you are very vulnerable to your old lifestyle and dietary which brought on the plaque. Do not go back to the old practices or you will get very sick.

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