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About Us

About LifeTree Wellness: 

Helping Your Body Re-create The Health It Was Designed For


Members welcome, Public welcome to sign up and receive benefits of Natural Wisdom - God’s Design

We are actually taught and directed by the Best Physician this world has ever known. Only a few people really know Him and fewer have taken treatment from Him. Since that is unfortunately the statistics, we are earnestly wanting to teach and introduce His time proven methodologies.

He used to heal on this earth when He first came down and historically, whole towns & villages had no sick/ill persons when He left them. He has not changed in any way. He still heals - and His methods are still the same.

We have combined 60 plus years of experience - with testimonies galore of hearings that have taken place using His Methods.
Our staff offers a wide selection of services which include Detox Programs, Foot Detox, Lemon Wraps Plus, Cold Sheet Packs, Rife Technology, Far Infra Red Saunas, Contrast Therapy, Vitamin C Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Diagnostics, Medical Missionary Training, Bio-Mechanical Therapy, Massage Therapies, Herbal Therapies & More.


What is Turtle Island Providers ( or TIP )?

It is an organization formed under the Indigenous Government for the performance of true Natural Healing modalities, owned and operated solely under the governance of Indigenous Nation. The organization is inter-state in the USA, and international and has been recognized by the US and United Nations as well. Therefore, we are no longer under the medical jurisdiction of the Federal US government, State, Counties or Cities, of the USA.

Please feel free to come in and signup as a member of Turtle Island and benefit from the Best healing modalities known to man.
We hold RAWSOM food preparation classes, teaching Recipes ( even kid tested! ), How to dry foods, How to substitute gourmet tasting recipes for common everyday killer foods, and more! We offer consults for diets for many disease syndromes to expedite healing & strengthening the immune system.

What you do today IS what you are tomorrow! Getting knowledge will get you understanding and then you can make wise choices for your health’s sake - the body will follow suit.

Our staff on hand at our center are:

Dr. Mark Mead Dr. of Indigenous Medicine
Swany Dittman BS Indigenous Medicine
Shawn Dittman BS Indigenous Medicine - Massage and Body Work

Please feel free to come in and sign up as a member of Turtle Island and benefit from the Best healing modalities known to man.
We are located in:
1034 N 3rd St, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
Our hours are:
9:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST) Monday thru Thursday