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Brain and Nerve Health and Restoration

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There are many various disorders that can develop with the brain and the nerves including trauma that benefit greatly from Natural Healing Therapies.  A partial list would include Alzheimer’s, dementia of various kinds, memory loss especially short-term; panic disorders; senility; Organic Brain Disorder, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  Also, Parkinson’s disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, and nerve cancers benefit as well.

All of these have something to do with the nutrition status of the person, and most of that involves malnutrition in one form or another. Many have to do with food sensitivities which can either be from poor quality foods or too much food and lack of adequate digestion. Also, most of these will not develop if the body is clean and does not have a lot of toxic waste buildup. Therefore the liver must be cleansed, digestion corrected, and the bowel cleansed and refurbished with the normal friendly flora (probiotics). All of the eliminatory organs need to be flushed, cleansed and healed back to normal filtering function ability. Hydrotherapy must be learned and practiced daily and weekly. The eating habits and movement patterns must be assessed and corrected to reflect health patterns, so as to enable the body to rebuild. Even myelin sheaths can regrow as well as nerves and brain cells and spinal cords.

Some of the causes of these diseases are: prescription drugs of many kinds, over the counter drugs, Heavy metal deposits in our bodies from water, especially city water; various foods, chemicals and chemical additives to our foods, processed and refined foods, fried foods, fast foods, animal foods especially fish, and “non-whole foods” like peeled foods as well as processed and refined foods. Aluminum, from cooking kettles, from drugs such as buffered Aspirin and anti-acids, from water, baking powder and other sources, these all deposit in our body, especially in the brain. This contributes to the cause of these diseases. Mercury is another huge cause of brain and nerve dysfunction. It is found in the silver amalgams in our teeth, in zinc supplements and a number of other sources; it would be well to look this one up on the web and find all of the sources.  Alcohol and Tobacco in ALL forms, destroy brain cells and causes severe dysfunction of nerve tissues, including the heart’s nervous system as well as all of the enervation to the body organs, especially when they are used together. Lastly, but most important and probably the most impacting cause is meat and dairy intake. There is absolutely NO SAFE ANIMAL anything for our consumption in today’s world. Not only do the fats and proteins in these foods cause debilitation of the brain, nerves, heart muscle, blood vessels, pancreas, liver, and Kidneys, but the diseases carried across the board by almost ALL ANIMALS is pretty much universal and well known by science, even medicine is looking at it when their heads will willingly turn to look at it. This information is from their own literature, as well as scientific research going on currently. These microbes, such as viruses are well known now to cross the blood-brain barrier that God arranged for our safety, and that is a great reason why for so many years these virally caused diseases have run away with us. For a long time ago God showed us why we did not want to eat meat, dairy and such, but we did not see, even though we had eyes!

Now, what do we do?



We want a plant-based diet only.That includes 60% Vegetables per day, the rest is whole grains which can be sprouted, and this can also be the cooked part, but still is best if sprouted even when cooking, and should be organic. Legumes can be eaten 3-4 times per week. They could be sprouted and place over your salads as well. Examples of these are beans of all colors, lentils, garbanzos or chickpeas, peas, and all of those kinds of legumes. Seeds of all kinds can be included but MUST be kept raw, NOT ROASTED or heated if possible. And best of all, NUTS.  But, nuts MUST be also raw only. And, nuts should be soaked for no less than 6 hours, overnight is best for most of them. Fruits can and should be used daily, especially for those who want to heal their brain and nerves as those foods have the sugars to feed those tissues. 

The sugars as they come from fruits along with the fiber, and the enzymes, minerals and other vitamins as they are found in the fruit, offer us a beautiful healing package for these tissues. Do not squeeze the fruits for juices, but eat them whole with the fiber and as much of the peeling as possible, for there is where most of the nutrition is offered you, especially the antioxidants that we are suffering so badly for want of.  Cooking destroys a large portion of the phytonutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins in foods. So, please do not cook all of your food! 10-20 % of your food should be cooked until you have acclimatized yourself to raw foods. This cooked portion would be the legumes, and grains for the most part. Of course steamed veggies especially broccoli are great once in a while. This is a process which can take 1-2 years, depending on you and your dedication to this lifestyle. 

Oils do not want to be heated as this will change the fatty acids and cause damage to our cells. Do not cook with oil for your health’s sake; add it to your food after the volume of heat has dissipated. Use only cold pressed oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, and any expeller expressed oil from seeds etc. but NEVER NEVER Canola oil, soy oil, vegetable oil, or corn oil. Essential fatty acids from plants are excellent for rebuilding the myelin sheath. These are called high-density lipids and they not only are healing to connective tissue but are used in the rebuilding of every cell and also help to balance the low-density lipids such as cholesterol and triglycerides.

Recipes can be obtained from www.lifetreewellness.com or call 208 245-3297 for help in this area.

Supplements are your Fresh Squeezed Vegetable Juices; Green Smoothies; SuperOneFood three times or more per day, and your raw foods. These make the best vitamin and mineral replacement therapy know to man. 

Fiber is extremely important to get into your body. Besides the foods and supplements mentioned above, you will want to use Intestinal Cleanse and Detox Formulas #1 & #2. This is packed with the various fiber types that you need, but it also detoxes the brain and nervous system as it detoxes the bowel. It gets rid of the heavy metals, including Aluminum, Mercury, and all other heavy metals, as well as drug residues, infectious microbes, and toxic wastes.

Some herbal extracts that have been used with tremendous retracing power are the Brain Circulation Formula 5 droppers full three times a day, Nerve Regeneration Formula 6 droppers full three to four times a day, Pain Sleep Relief Formula (a nerve calmer and strengthener) 12 droppers full 2-3 times a day, and Heart Formula 6 droppers full three times a day. These are Brain, Nerve, and Circulatory healers. They bring in fresh circulation, nutrients, oxygen, enzymes and a host of other not so common elements needed for the regenerative healing that we need to have taken place. They are the tools, so as to speak, that the body will use in healing as we detox and cleanse out the waste and neurotoxicity that builds up and causes these diseases.

Most often these diseases are influenced by a lack of neurotransmitters, like Choline, Acetylcholine, Serotonin, GABA, etc.  These lacks of chemicals or the brain’s interference with the generation of these chemicals for the brains use is linked to low estrogen levels. So Estriol replacement therapy is necessary for the healing of Alzheimer’s disease especially. Soy lecithin is very helpful in restoring some of those brain chemicals, but it needs to say NON-GMO!  Another very helpful substance is Flax seeds, and Flax oil as it gives back to the nerves some of their depleted reserves of Essential Fatty Acids.  So does foods such as avocados, coconut, flax seeds and other seeds, some grains, especially the heart. Essential Fatty Acid capsules which are totally plant based from Divine Nature can be purchased from www.lifetreewellness.com, and are an excellent source of those essentials for healing.

The very last food item is antioxidants.   one of the best antioxidants both nutritional and cost wise that I have found so far, is Golgi juice and Mangosteen juice from Genesis Today. You would take 4 oz per day and I would advise taking it for 6 months, then periodically. Along with that is the re-mineralization with Sole’. Pink Himalayan Salt is added to a jar up to 1/3 full; then water is filled on up to the neck of the jar and this is let set overnight. Then you will take one teaspoon full daily, slowly building up to one Tablespoon full daily. This will be one of the biggest factors in the healing of any kind, as our most impending lack is minerals. This will replace without any energy expense to our bodies, 84 of the 97 needed minerals and elements that we must have for health. It will also restore precious hydration to our cells and lymph. It does not contribute to hypertension and heart disease or any plaque buildup diseases, due to its crystallization being totally different to sea salt. To Sole’ I would add the Fulvic Minerals 2 Tablespoons per day.

Of the foods that are known to be Genetically Modified, be sure to avoid all of them completely at whatever sacrifice! as they are extremely degenerating and harmful to our body. The question must be asked here, “How much poison do you want to take?”

If you need to see a list of GMO foods; check it out on lifetreewellness.com by clicking on the tab Education Instructions/PowerPoints. There a whole list can be seen of what is GMO as of today. I just had given to me today the notice that now Salmon and alfalfa has been released as GMO’d. 10 % of all wheat grown in the North West is also GMO’d. The remainder of the wheat grown is the Clearfield 921 which has been biologically altered to accept 2-4-D which is called Imidazole and this is extremely high in Dioxin. 18% to be exact, So be careful! Your selections for purchase of these foods MUST SAY NON-GMO! and Organic

Now all of the above instructions are to be heeded along with the INCURABLES PROGRAM which can be found on this website as well as the Liver Flushing, Kidney Flushing, Bowel Cleansing and the Foundational Program with the Hydrotherapy Hydrotherapy will be one of the best turning point therapies for Brain and nerve health!

One of the most effective therapies to detox the brain from the outside is a castor oil pack to the head every night for at least 6 weeks. Instructions would be to saturate the scalp with castor oil and the close hair, then wrap a saturated cotton strip of tee shirt around the head followed by a plastic strip of Saran Wrap plastic. If you wrap this securely (not tightly) it will keep all night. Just put your pillow in a trash bag and tie off the opening then slip this whole thing into an old Tee shirt and you will not ruin your bedding with the castor oil which will not all wash out of material.

In the morning just add shampoo to your hair without water and lather up until thick, then after setting a while, rinse out and re-shampoo as necessary to remove all castor oil. The best castor oil I know besides cold pressed that you buy in the drug stores is the Jamaican brown castor oil.

Nebulizing EnOgy Now is a wonderful oxygen delivering therapy that is available now to release 900 plus molecules of oxygen per molecule of EnOgy Now. You can feel the difference in just a few nebulizers, if not the first one. Repeated testing with Magnetic Resonance Analysis shows the majority of people over 30 to be low on oxygen to the bain.

Get the Rest that you need and Get the Health that you need…Rest in the Lord!

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