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Body Wraps Natural

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Skin is a two-way street…what you put on the skin will go into the underlying tissues and sometimes depending on what you put on, go very deep and work on even your body organs affecting clear throughout whole body’s metabolism.

Detox, cleansing, getting rid of inflammation, infection residues, abnormal amounts of body waste, water retention, etc are some of the reasons to wrap. It is in fat tissues that so many toxic wastes are sequestered, so wraps are a strong help in initiating and carrying on a weight loss program.

Next, to Hydrotherapy in which Fever Therapies are used, this is one of the most powerful detoxifiers of disease processes known, utilizing our largest organ of elimination, the skin. Of course, the blood and lymph, the nervous system, our electrochemical hormonal system (metabolism) and immune system are all team players in this healing experience.


1Take the time to purchase the necessary products. The preparation may take a few days so don't schedule this at the last minute. Give yourself time to make the necessary preparations and stock the materials. You'll have a more pleasurable and effective body wrap experience.

Things You'll Need

  • Ace wrap bandages (found in medical supply stores or online, sometimes Walmart)
  • Safety pins
  • PVC suit or rubberized sweat suit often called Sauna Suit (Found in sporting goods sections or online stores)
  • Towels or sheet to stand on.
  • Bucket or cooler to hold solution and bandages
  • Body wrap solution either purchased or
  • . See recipes


2 Purchase large rolls of elastic (Ace) bandages.These usually come in varying sizes. The wider and longer the roll the more skin area you will be able to cover. You are striving for the foot to upper chest coverage. These can be found in drug stores but you will be able to find them cheaper online or from a medical supply company. Depending on how you wrap and your body type and size you will need 10-20 rolls of elastic bandage. You may want to order 15 six inch wide ace wrap bandages (the average) and do a wrap without the solutions to determine if you will need to pick up more or return the extras.

3 Purchase large safety pins for securing the bandages or look in your household sewing kit. The bandages typically come with clips but safety pins make for faster work and a more secure wrap.

4 Purchase any body wrap solution or make your own. These can be found online or you can make your own with a basic recipe. (See below for ingredients) The ingredients can be adjusted and you can add other ingredients based on your health needs or aromatherapy preferences.

             ◦      The solutions available online range from a mud based to a liquid and many are formulated to detoxify, assist in trimming inches from the body, treating aches and pains or to soothe aching muscles.

             ◦      Beware of sellers that make claims that are too good to be true.

             ◦      Look for a basic formula at an affordable price. Once you become efficient at wraps you can adventure into other formulas.

5 Look in the sporting good store for a PVC work out suit. These are inexpensive rubber-like jogging suits that promote sweating. These are not fleeced sweatsuits but a rubber-like suit that is usually one size fits most and secures with pull strings or velcro around wrists ankles, and waist, possibly neck too.

6 Turn up the heat in your home or add a small space heater to your bathroom. You'll become chilly applying the wraps.

7 Gather your wrapping tools, set up in a bathroom (you'll drip on the floor). Have a book handy for reading while you wait.

8 Mix your solution. Use hot water from the tap or mix on stove top as directed.

9 Pour your solution into a bucket or a small ice chest. You only need enough to soak the bandages in about 2-3 cups of solution. Add cooler water if needed to avoid burning yourself and to bring the temperature to that of a very hot bath, but remember you must skin brush for 10 minutes first, so some cooling will take place while you brush.

10 Dry skin brush all of your skin. This will take approximately 10 minutes, beginning at toes and working toward the heart. Next, spray Fulvic Minerals over whole body. Now you’re ready to wrap.

11 Put your elastic bandages in the chest or bucket to absorb the solution. Dry skin brushed all of your skin, next spray Fulvic Minerals over whole body. Then you’re ready to wrap

12 Have a stool or other area to sit in the bathroom prepared. You can sit on the side of a tub or you can sit in the tub if you'd prefer. Disrobe or wear a bikini or colorfast underclothes if you are shy and have a helper.

13 Stand on a large towel or sheet and remove one roll of wet wrap from the solution. Begin wrapping at your ankles and wrap around the leg working your way up.

14 Wrap tightly but not so tight to hamper circulation. If your feet start looking blue you may have the wrap too tight.

15 Work up one leg and stop at the knee and then wrap the other lower leg. (It makes bending easier.)

16 Use the safety pins to secure the bandage onto itself.

17 Avoid leaving any skin exposed. Start your next roll where the previous roll stopped. You'll need to cover your knees.

18 Wrap as high up your legs and as close to your groin as possible.

19 Move your bucket up to counter level if you haven't done so. This will make grabbing new rolls easier since your ability to bend will be challenged with the wrapping.

20 Start at your hip, as close to the top of your leg as possible, begin wrapping around your torso. Work your way up to your armpits.

21 Move to your lower arms and wrap those areas before moving to the upper arms.

22 Using caution, climb into your PVC Sweatsuit, or Sauna Suit

23 Get comfortable. If your solution is extremely messy you can climb into the tub. If you decide to walk around you should use caution. Liquid will drip down to your feet making it easy to slip or spot floors. Use of plastic bags over cotton socks will soak up any dripping liquids if bags go over the bottom of wraps and PVC suit. Try to relax and allow the solution to work.

24 Read a book and listen to soothing music. Relax and enjoy your spa experience. Walking around, working up a sweat, getting into a Far infra red sauna will deepen the results of the wrap. Wait at least one hour before removing your wrap.

25 Sip water and allow yourself to stay hydrated. Body wraps help your body to remove toxins but you'll need to drink plenty of water before, during and after your treatment.

Breaking the dehydration cycle is an important activity to precede your wraps (drink 1 and 1/2 quarts [thats (6) 8 oz glasses of water] with in 20 minutes time of beginning to drink…All water is consumed in 20 min’s time. Adding a little lemon juice is helpful and will help to alkalinize your system

26 Remove the wraps after 1-2 hours starting at the top and working your way down.

27 Contrast showers immediately following the removal of the wraps (3 minutes showering in very hot water, alternating with 1 minute cool/cold water.Do this 4-7 times, more is better. Finish with cold for 10-15 seconds)  Mud based wraps may require more scrubbing.

28 Continue to drink water and allow the toxins to be purged from your system.



  • Ask a close friend if they'd like to team up. Have them buy their own solution and bandages and give each other help getting wrapped up.
  • Although you must spend for the initial products you can give yourself a body wrap every other day.
  • Body wraps experiences start at around $125 USD in spas.
  • Making your own is best. Place 1 and 1/2 quarts of water in a large kettle add 1/2 cup of dry herbs called Blood lymph Detox Formula along with 1/3 cup red clover and 1/3 cup plantain. Both of the last ones help nourish and cleanse the skin the largest eliminatory organ. The Detox herbs are now even freer to enter through the skin and do their work of cleaning out the underlying organs and tissues. Add to this solution any essential oil needed with just a few drops.
  • By skimping on the bandages you won't be able to wrap them as snugly. You'll be tempted to use fewer and try to cover as much skin with one. Use as many as you need. As mentioned above, 10-20 bandages is the average. You may need more.
  • You can check with local spas. They may be willing to order somebody wrap solution for you. You can also find some commercially prepared online.
  • Wash the elastic bandages in warm water on a gentle cycle. Do not use fabric softener and hang to dry. Re-roll them when dry and store until your next home wrap.
  • Don't spend more than two hours completely wrapped.
  • For a more relaxing experience make sure your home is tidy, your bathroom area is organized and you can go undisturbed for 1-2 hours.
  • If you get chilly you can bundle up in an old blanket or beach towel. Better yet get into your Far Infra Red Sauna if you have one. If you need to and want to purchase one call 1 208 245-3297



   **    Essential oils are powerful and should be used with caution.

   **    If you've never had a body wrap and don't know how you'll react you should make sure you're not alone. Some people can become dizzy.

Be sure to have a detox program in place before using body wraps to ensure that you're body is prepared to handle the release of waste into your bloodstream so that you do not experience too strong of detox—see Foundational Program at lifetreewellness.com…This includes an immune boost, bowel cleanse, blood and lymph detox and dense nutrition in a kit.

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