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Abscessed Teeth

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What is an abscessed tooth?

An abscessed tooth is an infection in or around the tooth. It can be very painful. If the infection isn't treated, it can spread and you can lose your tooth, some bone, or have the infection spread to other parts of your body, i.e. various organs. When this infection is inside of a bone such as a jaw around a tooth, it is enclosed, and difficult to get to from the outside, but it has been done! Bottom line is; You do not have to lose a tooth due to an abscess.

 The first thing you need to know: Do Not mess around with this, get onto it with treatment as aggressively as you can, as soon as you know that you might have one…Begin with:

Black Super Draw Poultice to the jaw over the skin over the tooth. Wear this for at least 20 hours out of 24. Do this until well and do not stop too soon. You will probably have to exchange coverage areas as various glands in the neck, under the jaw etc. become sore. Just keep applying until all soreness is gone. Use Deep Tissue Heating Salve under the BSD poultice to make it more efficient.

Roll up some black super draw poultice in a 2x2 gauze and place in between cheek and gum directly over the tooth roots and change it every 4 hours until well. If this becomes too painful as the abscess comes to a head then just use the poultice on the outside.

Deep Tissue Repair is an herbal tincture of herbs that concentrate in bone and dense tissues and help repair damage done from the acids of the bacteria, infection, and issues that began the problem in the first place.

Colon Cleansing with Intestinal Cleanse Formula #1 and Intestinal Detox Formula #2 are absolutely necessary when dealing with any kind of infection as all the trash from the war zone goes into the lymph and blood to be filtered out through liver and kidneys. The Liver dumps into the intestinal tract and so the colon must be free to pull ALL noxious deposits off the wall in order for the toxins not to be reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

The Immune System is the number one place to strengthen as it does all of the work! So, Triple Tincture, 3 teaspoons full per dose, is absolutely essential to give our immune system the impact it needs to search and destroy this enemy. This will need to drink at least three times per day until you know you are on the mend. Then you can cut it back to 1-1 ½ teaspoons per dose, depending upon how your body progresses in the battle. You can always boost the power on occasion with another tablespoon full.

The Mineral Solution, that is called a Miracle, is absolutely necessary for brushing on the teeth, inactivated form, especially the one being attacked. Do it every time that you eat. Be sure to do it at least three times a day total, like just before you go to bed at night. Do not rinse your mouth afterward. This actually eradicates the bacterial environment for their growth.

Hot and Cold Therapy in the shower in the most intense way that you are able to do it, will not only be one of your best pain relievers but also help break loose in inflammation built up in the area that new, fresh, healing, blood supply cannot break through. This will result in reducing the swelling, fever and infection power, thus reducing the pain.  Be patient, battles must be fought until they are won. This all may take a few days. If this is a chronic problem, then it may take a few weeks and the intenseness with which you go at this can be dispersed over a few days, then lessen it, for a few days, and then pick it up again in its intensity until no more chronic situations arise.

How to increase the intensity: Be sure to increase the heat of your hot water rounds to as hot as possible without the sting of burning and do this for as long (up to three minutes) as you can stand. Then turn the hot way down until the cold can be felt to impact the hot inflamed area. Now note that this may be too cold for the rest of the body, but no problem, just do it on the affected area, after being certain to have done the lesser cold over the whole body first; then finish with colder and more intense therapy to the swollen, inflamed area on your face.

Another way you can do the hot and cold to the jaw is to lie in a tub of hot water (remember that this is a great pain reliever, immune booster, and detoxifier) and stick your jaw under the water for a while (3 min.) then apply an ice pack for a longer while (one to two min). Keep repeating this for one hour or more if necessary.

One of the best infection fighters of the century is the Far Infra-Red Sauna. Get in one of these and hold that wounded tooth right up to the light of the Sauna as close as you can be comfortable without burning. My how comforting and healing it feels!!

Always finish any heat therapy, including this sauna with hot and cold at least three rounds and then resting for 30-60 minutes covered and warm for this is where the most of the effect on the infection, and on the immune systems strength is going to actually take place.

Nature’s Inflammation Response is absolutely necessary to reduce swelling and inflammation anywhere in the body. Follow the directions on the bottle that of taking 2 capsules every hour for the first 24-48 hours. I have taken 4 caps in severe injury and pain of infection with very desirable results. Keep this up until the inflammation is ALL GONE!

Take some very STRONG Antioxidant to aid the nutritional supplementation requirements of the body in fighting the infection. I prefer Cell Repair by Divine Nature, but whatever you have on hand should work! I doubled the recommended amount for a few days, which caused more detox symptoms but aided in the expediting of the healing of the infection.

Of course, proper nutrients is the essential therapy of any infection healing regimen. Cut back on the amount you normally eat, by about 50 percent; eat ONLY what your stomach can digest quickly and easily, and sweetly. This food should be 90 % raw, fresh, uncooked, food and of course, you cannot chew for the pain and shouldn’t chew, so blend your food and mix it well with your saliva!

Leave off ALL sugar foods including sweet fruits, dried fruits etc. Take in very little oil, and do not eat heavily of dense protein foods. Eat far more veggies than anything else. Couple this with 1-2 ounces per day of Fulvic Acid for the minerals content and for the healing response of the minerals in your body; you can’t beat this regimen. I know from experience.

When the abscess breaks loose, you will find that it goes into the body to one degree or another. So be ready! Do more Far Infra-Red Saunas daily if necessary. Hot tub soaks with 6 #s Epsom salts, or 1 cup Charcoal, or do a drawing wet sheet pack for 4 hours. You may have to take some Hawthorn to strengthen the heart (remember to keep taking Triple tincture), massage for moving lymph, but outdoor exercise in the fresh air, the huffy puffy kind is essential to moving all of the offending dies off, or soon to die off, from the lymph muscles, connective tissues, etc. You know, all of the achiness like you feel when you have the flu? I also use some Pain Neutralizing Oil, and or Thieves Oil to control the pain and spasms.

When to know that you are well? Carry on all of the above to one degree or another as you need, to deal with infection symptoms, pain, swelling, inflammation, or whatever you may have experienced until the symptoms cease to exist. No tenderness of the tooth involved, no pain swelling whatsoever in the gum.

Have your teeth cleaned, and use a Sonic Care Toothbrush like the ones in Costco after every meal. Be sure to have your teeth cleaned once a year, more often if necessary. It is the plaque buildup that causes so much of the abscesses found in teeth, gum disease, and other precipitating factors. DO NOT eat between meals, as this demineralizes your teeth and every time that happens it requires about 45 minutes to remineralize. It is in the first few minutes after eating when the bacteria begin to be very active and they excrete a lot of acids that are very destructive to your enamel. This will penetrate into the dentine and pulp of the tooth and cause a bacterial infection which will ultimately lead to abscesses. If you were to eat several times a day some food, then you can see how much penetration could be accomplished by the bacteria.

Brushing your teeth after every meal or at least morning and evening is so simple yet so big towards keeping your teeth healthy. Do Not use Fluoride toothpaste (see Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters and you will know why!) Healthy Tooth Powder is helpful to prevent infections and help in the healing as well.




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