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In Natural Wellness from LifeTree Wellness  lifetreewellness.com  208 245-3297 What is an abscessed tooth? An abscessed tooth is an infection in o...
God's Workmanship.

God's Workmanship.

    1. God is the owner of the whole man. Soul, body, and spirit are his. God gave his only begotten Son for the body as well as the soul, and our ...
How to make Bar Soap

How to make Bar Soap

Download      Using sodium hydroxide or lye      INSTRUCTIONS:      Gather the following tools and equipment; A good quality scale (accurate) tha...

Straight From Nature


Most all of my adult life I have had severe anxiety which has paralyzed me from being able to accomplish things. As part of the LifeTree organization we have the opportunity and privilege of learning many things at the foot of a lady named Swany Dittman. I'm currently wrestling with high blood pressure issues though that is being taken care of by a variety of tinctures. Today, while under severe anxiety I took the blend of Lobelia from LifeTree for the first time ever. Within about 10 minutes my anxiety vanished. I have quite literally never experienced life without anxiety until this very day. After those 10 minutes my mind went from some unwanted dark thoughts to total peace with a feeling of being able to take on the world with a new lease on life. I spoke with Swany about my amazement but with a concern about what other people were saying about the addictive nature of the herb. She advised that her blend is not addictive and can be taken according to the discretion of the individual and the need that they have. My only regret is that I have not tried Lobelia from LifeTree sooner.

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