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Snuffy Sinus Care [0.5 oz.]

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Instructions for using Snuffy Sinus Care

 Place a small amount of the powder, about the size of half a pea, on your hand. Hold directly under one side of nose and slowly, forcefully and as long as possibly, or as deep as possibly snuff up the powder gradually but with enough force to get the powder up deep into the sinuses behind your eyes.  

Do not blow nose for as long as possible. Keep a cold wet washcloth handy for placement on the hot areas, ie behind the neck, ears, or over the nose. This is not a painful experience, but it is intense. The relief is worth it.  It is both healing & cleansing to sinuses, brain, and ears, even if there has been infection for years. The infection, pain, pressure and other symptoms will go away. Use as often as needed to keep symptoms gone, or until well.

You will need to do a maintenance regime periodically or you will want to take Snuffy three times a day for a few days anytime you feel the symptoms possibly coming back upon you. Healing time may take months to a few years depending upon how much concentrated effort you put into the healing therapy directed at your sinuses.

WHAT TO DO:  In connection with the Snuffy Sinus Care powder that you will snuff up each side of your nose, you will also need to do a week of Triple Tincture taking 6 droppers full three times a day in hot water making it a tincture tea. Triple Tincture speeds up the process profoundly in eradicating the infection. Contrast showers daily to the sinuses until well, and periodically thereafterAlso, FulvaLife Fulvic Acid chelates the microorganisms and acts as an antibacterial, antiviral; it gets the toxic protein die off out of the system. It will speed healing by repleating the system with minerals, and this also helps to make a stronger immune system, bone growth,electrolyte balance, and aides in detoxifying the system. Dense nutrition like SuperOneFoodGreen Smoothies, and Fresh Squeezed veggie juice, are a must for rebuilding the nasal barriers and passage way linings. Happy Healing! You will kiss the ground Snuffy Sinus Care was made on…another one of these God things.

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