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Simply “Heart Health” And lowering of Blood Pressure

Blood Preasure

   Deep in the center or our bodies, lies an organ which God designed to be the life center.  When you consider: -that the heart has it’s own independent nervous system that will continue functioning to keep the heart beating, even though a person is brain dead; -that the blood that this heart pumps is what brings nutrition, oxygen, and other components needed for life support of the rest of the body; -that it ultimately transports the lymph and waste products coming from the cells to the eliminatory organs for dumping; =you can see that it is the center for life sustenance.  God tells us that the “life of the flesh is in the blood” Leviticus 17:11.  God also says, in referring to a human being, that “Out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh” Luke 6:45.  So Jesus is showing us that the heart is full of treasures both physically and spiritually.  In His day they understood that the physical heart was full of life sustaining properties to the body, and this fact well illustrated, when we speak from the “heart”, we speak of the treasures of our innermost being.

David when he had been convicted of his grave wrong, in deep repentance, pleaded with the Lord “create in me a clean heart oh God; and renew a right spirit within me”.  He recognized the hardness of his previous ‘heart’ felt thoughts that had led to sin.  He saw his great need for cleansing of that deep innermost spring that feeds all the rest of his being.  We are promised in Ezekiel 36:26 “A new heart will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh”.  As in the spiritual, so in the physical!

Did you know that the blood vessels in our physical heart can become so hardened and brittle that if you were to run the point of a scalpel knife over them it would sound like scrapping on cement?  I have heard that very sound myself; it is true.  It is a sound that still rings in my mind even after many years.  I believe that Jesus knew this particular fact when He spoke this promise in Ezekiel.  I also believe that He was giving to us, who have these hardened arteries and the resultant heart disease, hope for our healing and restoration.  

I have personally witnessed many people who have had their arteries blocked from any percentage up to 100% with atherosclerosis or plaque build-up, turn around and get rid of that plaque, and have the vessels become elastic and healthy again.  One lady who they gave little hope for had all three major heart vessels blocked from 80-98%.  They used laser technology, shooting holes into her heart muscle to help the muscle get more blood in order to keep working, but told her that it would last only a short time possibly six months.  She and her husband came to me desperate for help.  I explained how to choose and eat the kind of foods that will reverse this process. She also learned and put into practice the hydrotherapies that open up cell membranes and dilates the small capillary circulation that feeds the heart and the rest of the body.  She adopted an exercise program and faithfully followed it.  She purposed in her ‘heart’ to maintain proper rest from stress, hours of work, and get the best hours of sleep which are before midnight when healing actually takes place.

After having confessed her ways before God and allowing Him to come in and change her lifestyle, putting into practice all that she had been instructed, God touched her with wonderful healing.  After her next visit to the doctors, she returned home to report that she had been taken off two of her medications and did not have to return for two months.  At the end of the two months, the tests that the doctors ran showed that her vessels were unplugged and that the heart was functioning much better.

In the book Healthful Living paragraphs 738,737 we read,

The more active the circulation the more free from obstructions and impurities will be the blood.  The blood nourishes the body.  The health of the body depends upon the healthful circulation of the blood.

Perfect health depends upon perfect circulation.

Here is one more quote that says a lot.  “The chief reason if not the only reason why many become invalids is that the blood does not circulate freely, and the changes in the vital fluid which are necessary to life and health do not take place.  They have not given their bodies exercise nor their lungs food, which is pure, fresh air; therefore it is impossible for the blood to be vitalized, and it pursues its course sluggishly through the system 2T p.525

There are many factors which cause the blood to run sluggishly.  This is called plugging, or blockage.  Something does not have to be totally blocked before you can consider it as such.  Just even as the quote says, to be sluggish in the bloods’ coursing through the body has severe disease causing effects throughout the body.  Often times it is the heart that suffers most and becomes weak.  This results in the heart not having a strong pumping action and the legs suffer with swelling, coldness, great risk of infection in the feet.  Sometimes it is the kidneys that suffer from this, in that they do not filter thoroughly, then sludge develops, and the body becomes even more toxic.  Our weakest areas are where disease sets in.  Other times, given the right environment in the system, our body’s cells become sticky, diabetes sets in, or cancer, even arthritis as a beginning symptom.

If we will follow a few simple guidelines laid out for us years ago by a loving physician named The LORD, we would stand back all amazed at the healing that would flow out from following those few simple principles.  Exodus 15:26 Says...For I am the LORD that healeth thee.  Let us explore those factors and the principles, so that we can understand how to have a health, happy heart with perfect circulation.

If we will give careful consideration to what we take into our digestive tract, 80% of our diseases would be gone shortly after changing.  The Biggest cause of disease, is eating dead food, processed and refined food, food that has very little if any of the life giving properties that our body requires, and, NOT digesting. We can survive on the nutrition depleted food for quite a while, but not without dire consequences.  This kind of food makes our bodies severely acid on the pH scale when we should be slightly alkaline.  On a cellular level nutrients do not get into the cells very easily, and the wastes are not getting out quickly enough, resulting in lack of oxygen to the cell, acid waste build-up, such as lactic acid, and then chronic low-grade inflammation.  The organs effected, function very inefficiently, and not so slowly disease and infections take over.

Our intake of food needs to be largest in the area of fresh vegetables and a large variety of those.  They will want to be uncooked, juiced, blended into tasty smoothies or any way you choose such as the humble but always welcomed, dinner salad.  You can add to that salad with a few ground seeds such as raw sesame, flax, pumpkin, or sunflower seeds.  Seeds such as this need to be eaten in the amount of at least two heaping tablespoons full each day, always vary from day to day, do not settle down into a routine for ease and convenience.  Our bodies cannot handle too much at one time, too many varieties at one time, nor the lack of a full rotation of nutrients found in a variety of foods over a period of time.

Fresh Fruits are next in the amount of foods to be taken in on a daily basis.  Fresh, nutrient full, like organic, are loaded with the necessary enzymes for healing, strength, maintenance of health, and for the generating of energy to do brain work, as well as hard physical work.
         A few grains are necessary and must be eaten daily, but vary them as well, but absolutely no wheat as it contains 18% dioxin or 2-4-D (all conventionally grown wheat).  There are so many others to choose from; spelt, quinoa, buckwheat, millet are a few.  These need to be about ONLY 15-20% of what we eat.  When we look at our plate is should be 50-60% fresh vegetables.  The rest of the plate can be the grains, and the legumes, Seeds and only a very few nuts. Nuts should be only 7% or less.  The foods such as the fresh vegetables and fruits, also most seeds are quite alkaline forming in our body, and the grains and legumes are slightly acid forming for the most part. 

A Diet adopted as laid out above will alkalinize our body over a very short time.  If we squeeze juice from our vegetables, it expedites the process of becoming slightly alkaline, Green smoothies greatly help too, as they release much more of the minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll, and amino acids that we need.  Green smoothies are simply dark leafy greens blended up in water or juice.  Fruit can be added to that mix, or it can be flavored with herbs and made savory.  These may sound like simple applications, but they carry the power of the divine Word.  When taken in belief that God has asked us to change and care for our bodies through dietary changes, they will be used in as powerful a way as was the water that Naaman dipped seven times in.

There are four main herbs that are essential in the healing of the heart.  These are Hawthorn, cayenne, Red Clover, Garlic.  If you have any heart problems at all, or even if not sure, use Hawthorn in tincture form, it is the most effective of any treatment this side of the sun and totally harmless, only helpful.  Many studies have been done on this herb and all bear good news about the nourishing, toning, strengthening and calming effects on the heart.  It will help prevent heart attacks in a marked way, preventing damage to a large degree if an heart attack ensues.  It must be taken on a daily basis, three times a day.  If you are using a 1:1 ratio of herbs to alcohol in the extraction, then 1 tsp per dose of the tincture is adequate 3 times per day.  You can use more; this is simply a nourishing food for the heart. 

Red Clover gives out many phytonutrients that that are multipurpose in the healing of the body, especially anti-cancer. But the one important element to the heart and circulatory system is that it not only is an excellent blood thinner, but at the same time it will heal and smooth the lining of the entire circulatory system.  Most coumadins and warfarins excoriate the linings while red clover truly heals them. 

Garlic aides in the breaking loose of chronic low grade inflammation which sets up in the plaque depositing scenario.  It actually is used by the body to ultimately roundup and get rid of the cortisol build-up that has deposited and caused the chronic low grade inflammation which raises blood pressure.  After about six weeks of daily intake of 3-6 cloves a day of fresh garlic, the levels after having climbed, suddenly begin to decline and return to normal as well as does the blood pressure.  The heart strengthens and the cardiac output becomes much stronger.  Loma Linda University did a great study on this in 1991. Dr. Benjamin Lau. MD., Ph.D. published a small booklet entitled Garlic Research Update ISBN#0-9415-32-9 in which he demonstrates and explains the results of what was explained above.

Cayenne used therapeutically is an excellent stimulant to get more blood supply, and therefore oxygen, to the heart.  Especially does it do so in an emergency condition, such as heart attack.  Beginning with 3 droppers full of Cayenne tincture, putting this directly under the tongue, use 1-2 more droppers full every 3-4 minutes, and alternating with Lobelia tincture 1-2 droppers full for the first 5-10 minutes of the heart attack.  Begin dropping Hawthorn 3-4 droppers full into the mouth after the first two to three doses of Cayenne, and the blood pressure will raise back up.

During heart disease therapy, Cayenne is very useful as a periodic treatment in conjunction with the other herbs.

Last but not least, and actually extremely as important as breathing, is a developing exercise program that will strengthen and exercise the heart.  In all reality, without this in place, all of the Hawthorn in the world is not going to bring about complete healing.  The heart is a muscle and it must have its exercise.  Begin with walking according to tolerance.  Check the pulse rate as you walk and allow it to go to approximately 112-116 beats per minute depending upon tolerance.  Keep the rate there for 10 minutes, gradually increasing the time over the days following, until you are doing huffing and puffing exercise for 1 hour per day.  This usually requires a hill to climb, or at least a fast walk.

Good herbs, Good food, well studied exercise program, and adequate rest, along with a cheerful spirit of belief in what you are doing, realizing that God wants to bless you in these efforts, will open the door for healing as you have never witnessed before-Our God is Able!  A word of caution here is that ALL of these therapies need to be in place at one time.  Just as Naaman could not have stopped at six dips and expected to have gotten healed from Leprosy, neither can you afford to skip any of these modalities.  May God add the blessing of His mighty rejuvenating spirit in the cleansing and healing of your heart towards Him that your physical heart may cleanse and heal too.