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Regeneration Growing New Cartilage and Bone and Other Tissues


   Science has proven over the past 50 years many things that they do not make known to everybody. Some of the doctors who really care, and study their research, will tell people about some of the discoveries. But pretty much the general doctor population seldom achieves more than what they were taught in school if they picked up all of that. So when I can tell you that I have seen cartilage grow back in a joint, it is difficult for the general populace to grasp the truth of that. Never the less it is a fact and has been demonstrated in many cases. You can grow not only new blood vessels in a heart after a heart attack, but also new nerves and nerve connections. These have been proven. People have walked that were paralyzed for even years. SO CAN YOU, GROW BACK CARTILAGE and BONE in a joint that has eroded away, if you are willing first of all to believe that God, your healer/physician did not leave you without a way of escape. There is nothing impossible with God, including our health, to all of those who will believe God’s promises and are willing to put forth the effort, enduring whatever the trial.


            To work with the principles that control our body we will want to learn and do these simple natural steps to health that follow:


  • Dietary changes that will promote cleansing, healing
  1. 80% raw foods or as close as you can get
  2. No fried foods. PERIOD!  Do not heat or cook with oils-add after
  3. No processed, refined foods.  Use all whole foods
  4. Limit the amount of sweet fruits, legumes, grains and nuts, increase the                    amounts of vegetables to 60% of your diet
  5. Drink only pure water, herb teas, and fresh squeezed vegetable juices
  6. Evaluate digestion efficiency and correct if necessary with

     hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes and probiotics


  • Herbal support of immune system, and dense tissues such as cartilage, bone and joints
  1. Echinacea or Triple Tincture as per directions
  2. Deep Tissue Repair/BF&C or Regeneration Tea or Both
  3. Hormone balancing with PMS, Estriol, if necessary for women and for men, Progesterone therapy for men, also for both Male Female Balance Formula
  4. Evaluate digestion efficiency and correct if necessary with Hydrochloric acid, digestive enzymes and probiotics
  5. Apply Deep Tissue Heating Salve over joint and then apply Black Super Draw Poultice daily for 12 plus hours each day, until well


  • Hydrotherapy (water therapy) some you can do in your own home!
  1. Fever therapy- once or twice per week (2 times for arthritis, gout)
  2. Contrast therapy-daily twice per day—see Hydrotherapy Instructions
  3. Far Infra Red therapy-daily or as specified by your therapist
  4. Proper hydration internally
    1. Drink three liters of clear liquids daily
    2. Place in your water, fresh squeezed lemon/lime juice; two lemons per liter or more
    3. Break the dehydration cycle...Everyday for five days drink (6) 8 oz cups of water/lemon water all together within 20 minutes time. Begin drinking the six cups and finish that last one by the time 20 minutes is up.  Repeat this if necessary as often as necessary.  DO NOT ELIMINATE THIS STEP!


  • Exercise therapy program
  1. According to body’s ability;
  2. One hour daily
  3. Gradually work up to a “huffy and puffy” hour, this is therapeutic
  • Massage
  1. Deep muscle massage of all muscles that insert or originate around      affected site of trouble
  2. Massage every day for first three days then every other day and finally two or three times a week
  3. Massage with Deep Tissue Heating Salve
  • Observing the hours of sleep before midnight-rigorously.
  1. Get no less than two hours of sleep before midnight, for joint healing it must be three!
  • Cultivating a peaceful happy joyous spirit full of thanksgiving and gratitude
  1. This comes from communion with your God in His word.
  2. When Christ abides within your heart by faith according to His promise, this brings this kind of attitude. This is 90% of your healing
  3. This is a Gift from above! ASK FOR IT.
  • Being temperate in all that you do, so that you are balanced in rest and work and play. Pray for Wisdom and Guidance from God for this daily.
  • GOD BLESS YOU more than you could ask or think. May His will be done in your life