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Liver and Gallbladder Flush

RealTime Liver Cleansing...have you earned it??? It’s no phony cleanse!




The reasons why we need to cleanse the liver and gallbladder from time to time, at least every two months immediately following the foundational program, are as follows: 


  1. Sludge, sand and then gravel or stones are formed in the liver’s miles of tubules after years of indulgence in the nutrient poor foods, having sluggish bowel action, and chronic dehydration    Gallbladder stones are a good example. They did not just suddenly form, although they do not always take a long time. If the Gallbladder has inflammation, pain or stones you know that the liver certainly will have them as well, and flushing or cleansing the liver will certainly dissolve the stones and wash out the morbid matter in both liver and gallbladder.
  2. Because of the above, and eating the same item of food daily without giving the body time to regroup and cleanse, renders the digestive ability hindered for that food.  The incomplete digestive process resulting causes the body to begin to treat that food as a toxic substance and begins to make antibodies against it.  This is called ALLERGIES.  Cleanse the liver, stop that food for a while, eat a variety of  foods, spacing out during the week several types of foods, and allergies go away!
  3. When a person lives with unresolved stress, eats out, eats fast foods, fries their foods or cooks with oils, eats mostly cooked foods, eats in an inverted manner such as too much fruit in proportion to fresh vegetables, etc, the liver puts out a large amount of triglycerides and cholesterol to protect the body from the acids that have been produced by lack of proper digestion.  A live blood analysis will show in most of these people with the above lifestyle, liver stress lines.  These stress lines come from the fibrinogen changes that have resulted from the bodies normal response to the irritation and wounding of the lining of the arteries from these acids.  Cleansing the liver enables the liver to get rid of the overwhelming burden of waste from this whole process, and cleanse the blood stream.  Of course these lifestyles need to be corrected for the liver to continue functioning in a healthy state once cleansed.
  4. Even with initial cleansing, we still need continued flushing on a periodic basis due to the fact that it takes seven years to fully cleanse the body if all practices are to the best of our abilities.


Use these simple methods of cleansing the liver and gallbladder results in effectively  ridding the organs of the blockages and morbid matter, or the sludge, sand, gravel,  and stones.  These truly simple methods also profoundly heal these organs and restore normal function, but much more so if done in conjunction with the whole “Uncurables Program”.  There are hundreds of personal testimonies from people of bringing back the health and function of the liver even with cirrhosis and cancer.  This is the most optimal effective program I have found in the past 13 years, even better than the 1 cup oil, or Epsom salts flushes which are extremely hard on the liver and other body systems.  This one is gentle but very effective, it requires trust and patience, believing that it is working.  If you do not believe that it is working, just go at it too intensely or quickly, and you will quickly become a believer!!.



WARNING:  Do not ever attempt to cleanse the liver without first having earned the cleanse.  

  This Liver Cleanse was developed over years in “hands on with people” (clinical setting) situations.  It has been proven for 35 years plus to be the most gentle & most effective yet, liver cleanser, detoxifier.  Liver Cancer, Hepatitis C and other liver disorders, Gallbladder problems of all kinds, including stone dissolving, as well as general cleansing of the body have responded most positive to this cleanse.  Especially when done as outlined in all of the information that I have presented to you.  Most liver cleanse tablets or programs blend way too many herbs together, or they try to mix blood and lymph detox, stomach and bowel detox all into one tablet.  That doesn’t even compute let alone do the job.  You don’t write a whole book in one chapter.  Liver Cleansing is only one chapter of the book of health. 



First you need to know that the digestive tract needs to be cleansed and restored to better function as well as the immune system strengthened before cleansing the liver, (at least at the same time).  If in severe liver crisis, then you must proceed immediately and simultaneously do the bowel cleansing and immune boosting.  So first things first!  What’s first?


You must be taking: Intestinal Cleanse Formulas 1 & 2

Echinacea or Triple Tincture

Blood Lymph Detox Formula

Dietary considerations are in place

Fasting is properly understood and in place

Fresh Squeezed Vegetable Juicing

Green Smoothies

Correct ratio of raw to cooked foods practiced

No processed or refined foods (includes TVP, soy isolates, etc)

No cooking with oils of any kind

Use only cold pressed plant based oils...NO CANOLA OIL

Eat only raw food when cleansing, no heavy amount eating

No eating after 5 pm, no large amounts of food in the 

afternoon--go to bed on an empty stomach

No animal source intake (dairy, meat, whey, casein) 

No chemicals, substance abuse (alcohol, drugs-either 

over the counter or Rx, caffeine in any form, sweeteners- especially aspartame and other non-nutritive sweetener, soda pop, chocolate, tobacco in any form,)

Hydrotherapies learned and being put into practice

...Contrast and fever therapy with skin brushing

Exercise program daily with adequate sunshine, and fresh air

Establishing proper rest times (9pm bedtime)

Stress therapy—dealing with doubt—mind, emotional, and 

spiritual healing


Having made the tentative arrangements for work, travel, children and other responsibilities, find someone who speaks positive things about your plans for this cleanse who will help you, hold you accountable and assist you if necessary.  One of the reasons why natural healing has gotten such a bad wrap is that it has been done only in bits and pieces (lack of knowledge) and that will not work and can cause extreme health situations.  (Can make you really sick!)  Doing this program as it is laid out has Never Injured Anyone; no one has died from it either.  Many have died that did not do it and could have lived...


List of needed items

All ingredients need to be organic or wildcrafted USA, or homegrown

A good vegetable juicer and plenty of juice carrots, beets/greens, celery, parsley, cilantro, or other vegetable of your choice for juicing.

Fresh fruit your choice (no bananas or dried fruit, no sweet fruits.) 12 Granny smith apples for the liver flush drink and other fruit if you need some for eating.

Fresh garlic 5# (make sure that you eat a minimum of 6 cloves per day) The rest of the 5# is for the liver flush drink.  This is for two weeks of Liver Flushing.

Fresh ginger root 2# (I cut this up into one or two inch pieces and put most of it in the freezer for quick use in liver flushing drink.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   2 qt’s are cheaper than buying a little 

Detox & Digestive Cleanse Tea    .   .   .   .   .   .  2 bags (if doing two weeks of this)

Liver Gallbladder, Anti-parasite formula  .   .   .  2oz (enough for one week)

Blood and Lymph Detox Formula   .   .   .   .   .    2oz (enough for two weeks)


The night before: place two quarts of distilled water into a kettle and put in two heaping Tablespoonfuls or Detox & Digestive Cleanse Tea for each quart of water, cover and let sit all night.  In the AM, bring to a low simmer for twenty minutes, then remove from heat and covered let sit until ready for it.  See directions below:..

You will be doing this cleanse for one week which equals 6 days plus one rest day.  I like to begin on Sunday and end on Friday.  Remember when I refer to one week it is always 6 days of active cleansing.




Recipe for Liver and Gallbladder Flush Drink:

8 ounces fresh squeezed apple juice with

1 inch piece of fresh ginger root in the fresh squeezed juice(squeeze the ginger root while squeezing the apple

8 ounces of water

Add the above to a blender and blend with them:

1 clove of garlic (size of the end of your thumb)

1 Tablespoon olive oil (extra virgin)

Drink this whole amount slowly, but within 10-15 minutes of time, then immediately set a timer for 15 minutes.  This will allow the flush drink and the tea to arrive in the liver together to dissolve stones, etc and wash out the unwanted material.

After 15 minutes after drinking the Liver Flush Drink, drink 2 cups of 

Detox and Cleanse Digestive Tea with

2-4 droppers full of Liver Gallbladder Anti-parasite Formula in each cup of tea

Repeat the two cups of tea, two more times in the day.  Now this is basic instructions, it can be increased in times and amount for a deeper cleanse, but CAUTION! This is a very effective liver cleanse and while it takes a bit of time to catch up with you, it certainly will.  Going at it too quickly or too intensely will reap undesirable, unnecessary detox dys-ease.  I do not recommend making this any more intense than is directed above until you have experienced the flush during several subsequent episodes.  Once you’re experienced then you can try to increase the intensity of this flush.


To make Detox and Cleanse Digestive Tea:


Place two heaping Tablespoons full of dry herb in a kettle with one quart of water, the night before needed.  In the morning bring it to a slow low simmer keeping the kettle covered.  Simmer for about 20 minutes.  If you forgot to set it the night before, just put it together and simmer it when you need it, but if time and thought allow for the night before it will be better.  After simmering, take it from the heat and let set for twenty minutes with the lid on—this is called steeping.  Strain the tea when needed and add the amount needed of the droppers full of L/GB-AP Formula while the tea is still hot.  Then let it cool enough to drink.  By then ALL of the alcohol will be fully evaporated.


Drink two cups of this tea, with the two droppers or more of Liver Formula in each cup full, two more times in the day.  Noon and early evening are the best times.  It can be drunk as many times as needed.  If you stop drinking this tea early enough in the evening you will sleep without so many interruptions to the bathroom during the night.  For severe cases this can be drunk every hour for a few days while recovery is taking place.  Do one cup tea with four droppers of Liver Formula in each cup.


Liver Flushing should go on for at least six days to get the maximum effect, but can go on longer like 10 days.  Then there should be a break, or rest, so that the body can regroup.  This is not hard on the body, it definitely facilitates the bodies’ chemistry, and the liver’s function, but there is of course extra work going on, although it is not in any way “hard” on the liver, only helpful.  Flushing the Liver can be done at odd times as needed for the occasional problem, but should be done every two to three months for optimal health.