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How to Flush Kidneys and Bladder



The reasons why we would cleanse the kidneys every two to three months immediately following the foundational program, are many. 


  1. Chronic dehydration turns the wastes being filtered by the kidneys to sludge, sand or rocks.
  2. Viral infections leave residues and viruses behind in the kidneys that will reinfect us sooner or later.  These viral issues also affect the function ability of the kidneys.
  3. Stress results in many extra wastes that are to be excreted by the kidneys and because we do not drink enough water for filtering, they build up as acids in the kidneys. Also,  the dam backs up behind the kidneys in our lungs, skin and lymph, and becomes full of morbid matter. This lowers the pH or acid base balance of our bodies causing degenerative disease to begin and progress
  4. Certain drug and chemical residues tend to linger in the kidneys and deteriorate the delicate parts of the kidneys leading to degenerate diseases of the kidneys themselves and kidney failure
  5. Failure of the kidneys to filter the blood efficiently leads to many diseases of the various body organs as the acidic content of the body rises and morbid matter builds up. 
  6. What flushes and cleanses the kidneys flushes and cleanses the bladder


Using these simple methods of cleansing the Kidneys is extremely effective in ridding them of the blockages and morbid matter, as well as the sludge, sand, gravel, and stones.  These truly simple methods also profoundly heal the kidneys and return their function to normal.  There are hundreds of personal testimonies of how they have brought back the health and function of their kidneys that have been down to 10% renal function and returned to optimal function ability, which is 90-100%.  This statement is wide and takes in many differing reasons why the kidneys failed.



First you need to know that the digestive tract needs to be cleansed, and restored to better function as well as the immune system strengthened, before cleansing the kidneys, if you have the time and ability to do so.  If not, then go forward as in the case of severe kidney disease, cancer, severe infection, severe renal impairment, and begin the kidney cleansing while at the same time beginning the cleansing of the other body systems. 



You must be taking:


Intestinal Cleanse Formulas #1 & 2  

Echinacea or Triple Tincture

Blood Lymph Detox Formula 

Dietary considerations are in place

Fresh Squeezed Vegetable Juicing

Green Smoothies

NO processed or refined foods

No cooking with oils of any kind

Use only cold pressed oils, NO CANOLA OIL

Eat only raw food when cleansing, no heavy eating, No large amounts of food, eat light.  Last meal no latter than 5 PM(go to bed on an empty stomach)

 No animal source intake

 No chemicals, substance abuse (alcohol, drugs-either over the counter or Rx, caffeine in any form, sweeteners- especially aspartame and other non-nutritive sweetener, soda pop, chocolate, tobacco in any form,)

Hydrotherapies learned and being put into practice

...Contrast and fever therapy with skin brushing

Exercise program daily with adequate sunshine, and fresh air

Establishing proper rest times (9pm bedtime)

Stress therapy—dealing with doubt—mind, emotional, and spiritual healing






Drink this Kidney Flush Drink first in the morning.  For general cleansing you need only to drink this Flush Drink one time per day.  The two cups of tea that follow the Flush Drink will be drunk two more times during the day.  At noon and in the evening they should be repeated. The Flush Drink can be drunk as often as necessary to bring the desired results of improved kidney function.  The K/B Tea can be drank every hour with the drops in each cup for severe kidney failure.  It has only but proven to aide the kidneys to increase their function by cleaning out the sticky proteins, and waste that has caused the failure.


Recipe for Kidney Flush Drink:

10 ounces of warm water

Juice of 2 lemons/limes your choice

Cayenne (red pepper) 1/8 tsp

Liquid Stevia to taste


Drink this within 10 minutes of starting to drink and when finished set your timer for 15 minutes.  At that time drink two cups of Kidney/Bladder Tea (you must make this the night before) with 2 or more droppers full of Kidney/Bladder Formula (liquid in a bottle) in each cup of Tea.

To make Kidney/Bladder Tea:

Place two heaping Tablespoons full of dry herb in a kettle with one quart of water the night before needed. In the morning bring it to a slow light boil.  Cover the kettle with a lid and simmer slightly for 3-5 minutes.   (If in a hurry this can be done without the overnight) Turn fire out and let set for twenty minutes, then it is ready to drink.  Strain and add the droppers full of Kidney/Bladder Formula while still hot and let cool enough to drink.  By then ALL of the alcohol will be fully evaporated.

Drink two cups of this Tea, with the two droppers or more of Kidney/Bladder Formula, two more times in the day.  Noon and early evening are the best times.  It can be drank as many times as needed.  If you stop drinking this Tea early enough in the evening, you will sleep without so many interruptions to the bathroom during the night.

Kidney Flushing should go on for at least six days to get the maximum effect, but do not hesitate to do it at odd times, and as often as needed for the occasional problem.  This should be done every two months or at least every three months for optimal health.