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 The first few


Proven Steps to Health










1. Discovering the Causes and Restorative Measures of Disease


   Our bodies as created by God were made in His image see Genesis 1: 26,27 “ Let us make man in our image” (God was speaking)...vs. 27, “So God created man in His own image...”  These are very precious words to us as humans.  They tell us that we have the ability to stay well, and when ill to get well.  Many promises in scripture assure us that God will heal us of ALL diseases, provided we believe and claim the promises, having done all that is within our power to do by His grace. This includes, forgiving ALL, hanging on to absolutely NO animosities.  Forgiving ALL and not hanging onto any feeling sorry for self, holding NO prejudices, realizing that God’s love, when it becomes our love, heals all maladies! Exodus 15:26 is one example. 

 Now, Why do I say all of this to begin with?

   Because, in the natural realm of healing you will find it quite different than you have heard all of your life.  First...We give the body the tools to get well, Secondly...get out of the way and stop interfering with the natural laws that govern our health, (This includes cleansing of the emotions, mind and heart of ALL negative thoughts towards others.  It is only the power of God’s love that cleanses spiritually, and, in cooperation with our choice to accept that powerful love, let go our self, fear based feelings;) thirdly...begin a physical as well as a spiritual cleansing and detoxifying program; THEN HEALTH WILL RETURN AND FLOW.  

   The modern medical world does not understand cleansing and detoxification.  They pooh-pooh it and believe that you must cut something out, overwhelm it with toxic chemicals, or that you will just have to live with it.  They believe that you must do for the body what they believe the body cannot do for itself.  They try to force the body to do what they believe that it should do.  God never forces anyone to do anything.  With Him, it is always a loving drawing, and our response.  That principle of His kingdom will never change because God says, “I change not”, I am LOVE.  As in the spiritual, so it will be in the physical.  God has made our bodies to respond to the healing measures laid out in His word.

   The same thing we do to cleanse and detox for healing of Diabetes, we will do for Cancer, and we will do the same for Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s disease, heart disease, chronic fatigue, Gout, or any other degenerative disease.  We all have DNA, and all of our bodies function under the very same set of principles that dictate Health.  What works for one will work for all with some modifications tailored to each one’s response, and varying situations. The principles apply to all human beings, and to a large degree, the animal world as well.  We all take in food, digest food, absorb nutrients, excrete wastes, have stressors, and can develop whatever habits we so choose.  We were all made with the same design and body functions.

   When any one system fails it is due to plugging, and sluggish circulation.  Detox and cleanse the eliminatory organs, they will in turn detox and cleanse the blood and lymph.  After a time of doing a whole complete program of this with extended maintenance we by God’s grace can arrive at perfect circulation that God says we must have to have perfect health.  Poor circulation always comes from toxicity that builds up in the blood stream from wastes that have not been eliminated by the body.  The eliminatory organs, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and colon (digestive tract) are so backed up with hard plaque waste from the overload we put on our digestive systems by eating the wrong kinds of food, too much food, things that are not food, negative thoughts, and disregarding the rest of the physical laws that govern how our bodies will react, that they cannot get rid of the burden of toxic morbid matter that we cause internally by all of the above.  Whew, just saying that all seems toxic!  So lets begin with the principles that govern our dietary.


2.  KEEP Diet always SIMPLE!  Cut way down on the amount you eat, your stomach is only the size of your two fists.  The One Most Causative factor in causing disease is OVEREATING, either too much at a meal, or in a 24hour period.  The domino effect is poor digestion, poor absorption follows, and then bacteria begin to form in the blood stream, unresolved that leads to yeast and fungal forms which must take over due to increased acid waste products.  Die-off of positive flora in the intestinal tract results along with the inability to adsorb our nutrients, and RBCs become enlarged in order to do their work.  Most all disease symptoms either are generated from and or are greatly accelerated due to this fact alone.

   Eighty percent raw, uncooked fresh food is the Best Plan; with the other 20% being grains legumes, occasional steamed veggies or baked or boiled potatoes, yams, or ground provisions.  To begin the change to this plan, often a two week to 100% raw food program fits nicely to make the transition.  Recipes need to be obtained (check out our web site recipes), and the kitchen needs to be reoriented to this type of program. 

   NO ANIMAL anything is to be ingested if health is to be gained; This is due to GMO factors, chemically toxic, cholesterol forming, and inability to digest the heavy protein and fat content.  Not to mention being so full of disease.

   Organic foods need to be considered, they are proven to have increased amount of nutrition in them, and as of yet, still the freest foods from GMO; although I would persistently ask the?? of the suppliers to really be peacefully sure.

   LIVE FOOD; not DEAD FOOD.  Enzymes are the ‘live’ in live food and are the missing component in dead food.  Enzymes are destroyed by processing of most any kind; Additives, Chemicals, Genetic Modifying, and the Heat Processing of foods, all destroy enzymes.  No cooked or very little cooked foods should be eaten.  So let the chopping and cutting, shredding and creative ideas begin.  I have tasted some mighty delicious looking and tasting food in the raw, much to be desired over the past ways of cooking. See helpful hints handout on lifetreewellness.com


   Here are some things that are choicest for various reasons;  

  • Fresh garlic daily, up to six cloves minimum to break up plaque build up.  Diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, as well as infectious issues, including cancer, need this food on a fairly consistent basis.
  • Cold pressed olive, virgin coconut oil, flax oil, grape seed oil, sunflower, sesame, or safflower oils for dressings etc. NO FRYING, and do not cook with oil. It may be added to food after cooking is done if you cook. Absolutely NO CANNOLA OIL, no vegetable, soy, corn or any oil that does not say virgin or cold pressed.
  • Use only Pink Himalayan Salt, pale is best; do not cook with this, add after heat subsides.  See the handout on Sole’ as to how to take it for re-mineralization.  In conjunction with Sole’ I suggest that you use Fulvic Acid up to two ounces per day.  This is an antioxidant, antimutagen, anti-bacterial, fungal and anti all other organisms, it remineralizes with 60 highly kinetically energized particles.  This has many other properties as well. 
  • In general most sugars are a sure set up for disease as they immobilize the immune system, cause fermentation and toxic waste, and put strong acids into the inner environment, therefore inviting and invigorating cancer growth, and many other degenerative diseases.  Sugar also contains Pork and GMO elements in it, so all the more reason to go to another sweetener.  The best sweetener to use is Stevia, an herb that helps to regulate blood sugars in the liver and pancreas, as well as it has healing properties to the pancreas.  There are NO calories in Stevia, and will not stimulate or feed cancer.  For other diseases than cancer a little pure maple syrup is ok if your system is not compromised with yeast infestation.  Maple Sugar reacts in your body as quite acid so beware and use sparingly.


  • No, none, not one mouthful of soda pop, coffee, Any caffeinated tea: Lipton teas or Green Tea or any other with caffeine in them, no alcohol, no tobacco, drugs, chocolate, cocoa, etc. Artificial Sweeteners are extremely health destroying, they cause severe symptoms in an otherwise healthy body.  Look them up online for side effects.  NO Processed drinks from the store, including all canned and prepared drinks. Only FRESH squeezed juices are to be drunk and of these they must be vegetable origin, not fruit.  Fruit dumps too much sugar into the system too quickly to be metabolized. Indigestion/fermentation is the result. 




CANDIDA YEAST CONCERNS: When the body is degeneratively compromised with diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, hypertension, leaky gut and others , you can count on the fact that yeast has built up in the blood.  Diet is the key to eradicating yeast. But, in conjunction with Candex and probiotics, it is quicker.

Fruits to eat: only grapefruit, tomatoes that are organic like from gardens etc. lemons limes, granny smith, or pink lady apples; avocados, cantaloupe, huckle or blue berries, cranberries, other kinds feed the cancer.  

Grains: only buckwheat, spelt, quinoa, millet, occasional brown rice  

The 10% cooked should be:  these grains, the legumes like lentils, chick peas/garbanzos, peas, organic non-GMO soy/tofu; or occasional steaming of vegetables.  Foods that you can eat unlimited; are vegetables of all kinds: they will build you up and bring about the conditions for walling off the cancer and disintegrating the tumors.  See Candida Diet Recipes handout…

Raw nuts, seeds: Nuts should compose only 1/10 of total food eaten.  Cashews, peanuts, pistachio, and macadamia are not to be eaten as they are strongly acidic, and full of yeast and molds.  Seeds are relative free food, but still be moderate




Betaine Hydrochloric Acid This will aide digestion of proteins and increase the acidity of the stomach

Total Digestion Aides in digestion of protein foods

Fat/Sugar Enzymes for fat/sugar digestion

Natures Probiotics stabilized probiotics, better than refrigerated/frozen kind

Opti-force or Protandem from mylifevantage.com/swanydittman (anti-oxidants) These are absolute essentials for restoring the digestive and functional health of the stomach and intestinal tract as well as the immune response.

SuperOneFood Dense nutrition; includes Chlorophyll, all B vitamins, extra C, and other vitamins, an excellent source of 60 minerals and trace minerals; good source of amino acids, immune strengtheners, antioxidants

Liquid Vitamin D3 if you know that you are low.

Delta Toco-Trienols 50mg Order from www.allergyresearchgroup.com  You will take 300 mgs twice per day, and These are known tools that the body uses to fight cancer AND poor health.


Teas needed: Blood lymph Detox Tea, Triple tincture, Pau D’Arco, Male/Female Balance Formula, 

This Foundational Program prepares you for the Liver and Kidney Flushing, and together they compose the Incurables Program; You can purchase the Incurables Kit available on lifetreewellness.com to save you money.  Everything listed in Green you may need, but SuperOneFood is the only item that actually comes in the Incurables Kit.  The others are separate

See the Liver and Kidney Flushing handouts.


Green Smoothie Recipe

2 cups water in vita-mix/blender

2 cups Greens--see listed in “10-12 Noon” group of the “A Days Program”.  Use only one kind of greens daily; rotating through the kinds during the week, this prevents the liver’s action in promoting allergies against them.

2 pieces of fresh fruit--from the “Candida can eat list” Be faithful!  The payoffs are great!

Blend these WELL, you can add a dropper full of Stevia liquid if needed for taste, even a few grains of Pink Himalayan Salt will help with the taste of the strong greens. 


4.   Hydration and the Immune System

  • Only pure water, (micro clustered, alkaline is best!); organic herbal teas without caffeine; fresh squeezed vegetable juices; green smoothies to drink: All of these strengthen the immune system , help protect it and give it the tools to deal with stressors in our lives including Cancer and/or Chemotherapy (in no way do they interfere with chemo)
  • Consume 64oz of water to 96oz daily depending on size of body, climate, season, and whether fasting, half-fasting, or if any illness present.  Addition of fresh squeeze lemon juice at 2 lemons to quart of water, is helpful in alkalizing the body.  Remember that cancer cannot spread in an alkaline body!
  • Break the Dehydration Compensatory Mode by drinking six 8oz glasses of water within 20 minutes time.  Begin to drink and in 20 minutes have it all in.  Do this every day for 5 days, drinking 6 more glasses over the rest of each day.
  • Echinacea or Triple Tincture are part of the program.  They will both boost the immune system, strengthening it, and Triple gives it the tools to fight infections with; so if your just basically boosting use Echinacea, if any kind of history past or present of infectious issues then use Triple.
  • Immune system boost Take one teaspoon/6 droppers full of Echinacea tincture in 2-6 ounces hot water, three times a day for one week.  Alternate with Blood Lymph Detox Formula 2 droppers full three times a day for the next week Repeat these weeks for one month. (This is also part of the Liver Flush Program)  Do this for at least one month and then once every two months or more until well. You can do this every other week if necessary.  It is according to your need
  • Stay away from immune suppressants such as; any processed and refined foods, white sugar, white anything i.e. rice, flour, sesame, etc; Oils that do not say expeller expressed, cold pressed, or extra virgin.  Drugs, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco are all suppressors of the immune system, sometimes paralyzing it up to 12 or more hours at a time.


Not as in Laxative, but as in HEALING!  NON-Habit Forming


STEP ONE:  Intestinal Formula #1


The herbs in this formula, Aloe, Senna, and Cascara Sagrada, contain the phytochemical anthroquinone, called emodin, which increases peristaltic waves or the propulsive muscular movement through the digestive tract, especially the colon.  Oregon Grape Root will stimulate and flush the liver, and gallbladder, and increase the production of bile.  Cayenne or Habanero pepper as well as Ginger are both powerful stimulants to the colon. Ginger will help relieve gas while the pepper corrects intestinal bleeding and is healing.  Garlic is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.

This formula will stimulate, strengthen, and cleanse the muscles and surrounding tissue of the digestive tract, and especially the colon.  It will halt putrefaction, disinfect, soothe, and heal; it will improve digestion, relieve gas and cramps, and increase the flow of bile which in turn cleans the gall bladder, bile ducts, and liver.  It will help to destroy Candida Albicans overgrowth and promote healthy intestinal flora.  The use of Caprylic Acid at the same time for about three months is a powerful adjunct to ridding oneself of Candida overgrowth of yeast and fungal forms.  It will also destroy parasites, increase circulation and is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.  Candex should be used for one month to quickly get rid of colonized Yeast/fungus.  The recommended dosage as per the company is 2 capsules in the am and two in the pm on an empty stomach.  Two Nature’s Probiotics taken with them each am and pm makes them very effective and generally one full bottle is enough to get the job done. Then this bowel formula works even more efficiently.  Used as explained it IS NOT HARSH; the unique combination of these herbs works together in a very healing manner proven by over 60 years of experience in the clinical setting.

Begin by taking one of the Intestinal Cleanse Formula #1 capsules with your largest meal the first day.  On day two, take two capsules, each day increasing by one more until you notice a difference.  You will be looking for softer stools, more frequent stools, the goal being one movement about 30 minutes after each meal (no in-between meal eating), or two to three bowel movements each day even when juice fasting.  Later they will become more regular that is, 10-30 minutes after each meal.

Once you have gotten your bowels moving as above, you stop increasing the number of capsules and the last amount that you have taken is the number that you will need to consume daily to maintain the desired two to three movements per day.  This number, will over time decrease as the smooth muscles of your digestive tract heal and tone up.  You may have to take anywhere from ½ a capsule to *67+ (rare) to accomplish the healing of your tract.  Most people need anywhere from 1 to 12 per day.  Even the 67 capsule person was able to take only 8-9 per day for the remainder of the time that they needed to heal after about 3 months initially.

These need to be taken with food, preferably in the latter part of the day, at least from noon on; if fasting, take them when drinking the SuperOneFood and fresh squeezed juice.  They need to be taken for 6 months or longer according to your healing needs.  If you have been constipated for years; if you have a degenerative disease such as cancer, diabetes, etc; if your immune system is sluggish and you are sick a lot; then 1-3 years or more is not too long.  They are NOT ADDICTIVE! They heal, but as it took you many years to get in your condition, so it takes a few years to get totally well.

Anyone can take this product; but if you have lots of diarrhea, lots of soft stools per day, or if you have a hot bowel or one that is irritated and inflamed and working too frequently, then skip the #1 and go on to the Intestinal Detox Formula #2.  There are a few who may need to combine #1 and #2 for their therapy.  If you have other problems taking #1 ask for further instructions from Lifetree.


STEP TWO:  Intestinal Detox Formula #2


STEP TWOIntestinal Detox Formula #2  Once you are regulated on the Intestinal cleanse Formula #1, then you may begin taking the Intestinal Detox Formula #2. It contains the three most powerful and effective absorbers and neutralizers known: clay, charcoal and apple pectin (which is fiber) along with the psyllium seed and husk powders.

The white clay sometimes known as Bentonite, is from Idaho and is one of the purest Bentonites found.  It is known to absorb up to forty times its weight in intestinal fecal matter and waste.  It will also soothe (heal), by cleansing out the mucoid plaque built up in the intestines,  and draw out all types of intestinal parasites and toxic chemical irritants as well as toxic, irritating waste matter.  The Activated Willow charcoal is well known for being the greatest absorbing agent for every toxin and poison known.  It will absorb and render harmless over 3,200 known drug residues, pesticides, insecticides and just about every harmful chemical known.  Apple Pectin draws out many harmful substances from the walls of your intestines, especially heavy metals like mercury and lead, incomplete digestion putrefaction, carcinogens from radioactive and other materials from our environment.  It will absorb any infectious material; bacteria that should not be there; including the die off from Cancer and viral infections such as FLU. This action is like a vacuum cleaner for all of the bad stuff, and goes beyond the walls of your intestines to the whole system.  When you add Marshmallow root along with Psyllium and Flax seeds, now it becomes mucilaginous and demulcent.  This means that the water and herbs can now coat the internal surfaces of your colon and small intestines, which will soften and pull loose old, dried and hardened fecal waste matter that has probably been years in the making.  It also means that the pain and suffering of hot irritation and inflammation of the intestinal mucous membrane will vanish, because it will remove the cause and the body will heal itself by God’s blessing.

IBS, Crohn’s disease, spastic colons, and all types of inflammatory bowel diseases, stomach ulcers, colitis, leaky gut and a ballooned gut that is weak and friable have often found the answer in the powerful healing of these herbal types.

IDF#2 can be taken any time and any way you need to take it.  I suggest that you take it six times a day for six days and then give your body a break.  Back off to two times a day for another three weeks.  If you need to do more, do it.  It can be taken 6 times a day for one to three weeks and then go to the 2-3 times a day for maintenance.

One dose is one rounded teaspoon full in a small jar of water, approximately 4-6 ounces.  Cover and shake well, then drink immediately.  Follow with 8 oz of water. 

If you find your self with any kind of nausea, headache, vomiting, food poisoning, etc, take IDF #2 every 30 minutes until symptoms stop.  It usually takes 3-4 doses.  1-2 more won’t hurt, just take enough water and enough of the ICF #1 capsules to keep the bowels moving 2-3 times a day.

To do an actual quarterly cleanse just take this dose 5-6 times a day for 5-6 days and then twice daily for 2-3 weeks.

All ages can take this formula.  It has no taste, just a texture and is best taken in cool water.  It can be mixed with juice if necessary for ease of consumption, but seldom is that necessary.  Just remember the water is to follow each dose.

As you begin your cleanse it is advisable to do the whole Beginning Cleanse.  There is a kit available with  1. SuperOneFood 1#

  2.  Echinacea 4oz bottle; or Triple Tincture 4oz 

                                  (you must specify if you want Triple)

  3.  Intestinal cleanse Formula #1    

  4.  Intestinal Detox Formula #2 

This is available as a kit to save you money; go on lifetreewellness.com to order.





  • First; Dry Skin brush for approximately 10 minutes before each hydrotherapy; beginning at the toes/fingers working towards the heart using a stiff skin brush.  Sisal bristles are most effective


  • Contrast showers daily morning and evening: These increase oxygen availability, and delivery to tissues, they are the greatest circulation enhancer, toner, healer; detoxifier, cleanser, and they deliver nutrient rich blood to tissues;  enables body to break into dead or sluggish areas of body i.e. cancer tumors, malfunctioning organs, swollen and inflamed/infected body parts and organs


  • Dry skin brush first then shower
  • 3 minutes hot/1 minute cold = one round.  Do seven of these rounds and finish with cold.  Hot should not be stinging and burning, but as hot as tolerable; cold should not be brain numbing cold, just cold enough to move blood, maybe take your breath away.  When through scrub briskly with a rough towel to dry off, dress immediately


  • Fever Therapies bi-weekly--take your pick of the list below--Goal is to increase the body’s temperature to 102-104F for 20-10 minutes.  Be sure to hydrate adequately.  Celery Juice is a most effective hydrator, you can use lemon water, fresh squeezed veggie juice or teas
    • Hot Fomentations-immune toner
    • Hot foot bath-immune toner, less intense
    • Russian Steam Chair-immune toner, most intense-careful!
    • Wet Sheet Pak-draws out toxic waste from organs/skin—the best
    • Hot Tub Epsom or Charcoal Soaks-drawing as above, less intense

Remember to stay in bed for one hour after any fever therapy; keeping warm until body temperature has returned to normal.

To know how to do these See HYDROTHERAPY handout on lifetreewellness.com in Instructions and PowerPoints




A Day’s Program—especially for severe degenerative disease of which cancer is one 

This is simply a suggestion for a schedule and tailored to ALL possible detox programs, you can do all or a few of these suggestions:


Awake 8:00 or? Drink Fulvic acid; Tincture Teas ___________________________

Candex, probiotics 2 each if taking these 10 minutes apart

After teas drink SuperOneFood, 20 minutes later 

Finish with IDF #2______________________________________


9:00AM Hydrotherapy: Contrast Shower with Skin Brushing first


Breakfast:  Eat 90% raw fresh foods; 10% cooked i.e. grains or legumes


10:00 IDF #2 always follows with 8 oz of water

This is EXERCISE time...Outside no matter the weather 

Just dress for it.  It must huff and puff you for 1 hour work

In to it if necessary do what you can, but grow in it.


10-12 Noon—with one of the following take 1 tsp. of your **Natural chemotherapy...

Every hour on the hour (while awake or when tummy not full of meals—see *Rule of Thumb) drink 8 oz fresh squeezed Vegetable juices: Chard, Kale, Romaine, Organic Spinach, Bok Choy—any thing green you can juice! Cuc’s, parsley etc 


12 Noon Repeat the Teas___________________________________


Finishing with IDF#2______________________________

1:30PM Green Smoothie_______________________________

      See recipe pg 5

2:00 Second Meal of the Day—Make Breakfast your largest and

most complex meal for the day, as your body has the most 

energy with which to digest the food.  Also make this one 

the LAST meal of the day in order for your body to have 

it’s optimum time for rest and working to exterminate the

cancer. Take you’re Intestinal Cleanse Formula #1 with 

this meal.


3:00 or one hour after Begin the juice every hour on the hour again.  After the 

first juice, follow with another Intestinal Detox Formula 

#2.   Now is also a good time to do your fever therapy.  See

Instruction sheet for Absolutely Effective Program on 

Page 3


5:00 Repeat the Teas, Fulvic Acid________________________


Finish with IDF#2________________________________

Bedtime Candex, probiotics two each on empty stomach


If there is more time in the day after 5pm for you, then continue to juice, can do another SuperOneFood, but for sure finish with your sixth IDF#2.  Bed time is 9:00—no later!



High impact/respiratory exercise 2-4 times a day (depending on body condition) 

  • Be sure to do something that will cause you to huff and puff.  
    • Depending on level of health begin with 10 minutes and working upwards, by increasing with five minutes every third day.  
    • Your Goal==one hour per day, 6 days per week 
    • This can be done in 30 minute increments twice per day.


Stretching before or after exercising 


  • Stretch your legs in four different directions; your back in four directions; your arms and shoulders in as many directions as you can.
  • Do not sit/stand for long periods at a time, do some form of movement at every one hour intervals
  • Out side in the fresh air, cold or hot, sunshine liquid or other, is 10 times more effective than inside.  This is due to the negative ions present in the outside fresh air.  There is anywhere from 4 thousand to 16 thousand more negative ions (antioxidants) per cubic centimeter outside than inside.


        MASSAGE THERAPY is extremely helpful to move lymph, break up pockets of morbid matter deposited in muscle fascia, disperse inflammation, bring in fresh new blood supply which is healing, and to relieve pain.  Massage is especially helpful in the majority of degenerative diseases including cancer when all other natural treatments are in place.



  • 8 hours sleep
  • First 2-3 hours of sleep before midnight; in other words be in bed at least by 9:00 no latter than 10:00PM
  • Change of pace during the day: if sedentary climb stairs for 15 minutes; if hard physical work, do quiet stuff for 15 minutes
  • 10 minutes rest, lying flat 2 times per day; one of these is worth 90% of your nights sleep for refurbishing your bodies chemistry and energy
  • Fasting periodically like one day of every week or three days every month
  • Do not drive yourself, not even quietly from the inside
  • Let God alone be your driver, trust it ALL to Him
  • Claim His promises in ALL things-rely on them with all of your weight
  • Get rid of half of your possessions
  • Detox and Cleanse the body
  • NO night shift work!
  • No mercury fillings-need to come out and be replaced with white; NO root canals at all
  • Good  chiropractor adjustment




This is the largest portion of Lifestyle Change that needs to take place. This portion is referred to as “The Foundational Program”.  What remains plus the Foundational Program is called the Incurables Program.  This remaining part is the Kidney and Liver Flushing.  These have to be earned by putting into place the Foundational Program.  A large portion of your symptoms will be gone with the Foundational Program, but when you go on to do the Kidney and Liver Flushing, that is when the Blood Sugars come down to normal and the B/P and Tumors begin to really shrink, disease syndromes turn around and go away.  Some times it may take 2 or 3 sessions of cleansing, but it WILL happen by God’s Blessings!  God tells us that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  This includes His words or principles.  When you are diligent you can never fail because He has promised! His words do NOT return void to Him! ! !





  • Take responsibility for your health, putting it in the originally intended place for healing which is in the hands of our loving Father, who is our Physician allowing Him to “cleanse you from ALL sin; and deliver you from the power of sin and death”
  • Dietary changes all the way around as per instructions
  • Correct your digestion.  Bring on sweet digestion of proteins, fats and starches.
  • Re-Hydrate your body NOW!
  • Immune boosting
  • Bowel Cleansing-Do the initial cleanse and then continue maintenance for at least 6 months maybe a year for healing of the digestive tract.
  • Skin Brushing daily
  • Hydrotherapy daily with fever therapy twice per week
  • Regular Half Fasting—set your own schedule
  • Detoxing and Cleansing ALL eliminatory organs, include the blood and lymph
  • Staying away from all harmful substances (harmful foods too!)
  • Full exercise program outside daily
  • Getting adequate and substantial rest spiritually, emotionally, and physically; God’s peace controlling, learn about Sabbath Rest!
  • Getting rid of ALL mercury fillings and root canals
  • Seeing your chiropractor as necessary