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Foundational Cleanse Kit

Foundational Cleanse Kit

  • $180.00
  • Save $29.29

Foundational Cleanse PowerPoint  powerpoint for all the basic information

Foundational Cleanse Outline

Foundational Cleanse Information  page for more information.


Save 15% with this kit (cost of products purchased separately would be $167.34)

This kit includes:

SuperOneFood - 1 lb.

Blood/Lymph Detox Formula - 2 oz.

Echinacea - 4 oz.  (or Triple Tincture if there are infectious issues, please specify which you'd prefer)

Intestinal Cleanse Formula #1 - 100 capsules

Intestinal Detox Formula #2 - 8oz. dry

Fulvia Minerals (16oz) 

NEW includes Power4Gut Pro-biotics 4oz powder

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