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Yerba Prima Natural Fiber Skin Brush

Yerba Prima Natural Fiber Skin Brush

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Yerba Prima Skin Brush

Heres how to dry skin brush:

Using a sisal stiff bristle brush, scrub our bare skin working from toes to heart, fingers to heart head to heart with strong pressure strokes that feel invigorating. The back stroke (towards the toes fingers or head) is lighter, the stroke towards the heart is firmer. Do every square inch of skin everywhere on the body. Just brush lighter on the tender areas! 

The skin should turn pinkish, reddish, or rudy in color even with darker skin tones. You will experience a warming feeling and feel the increase in blood flowing. This also moves lymph and helps take away cellular waste, clearing the cellular environment. Be sure to drink your three liters of water a day to aid your lymph skin and brushing to do their work optimally. 

Follow up with a contrast shower would be a dynamic duo in conjunction with Dry Skin Brushing.

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