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What is in Linked~up?  - live carbon - 

Introducing the Best, most effective product this side of Heaven, so far, to remove heavy metals from our bodies.


Otherwise known for now as HM-ET BINDER


  People’s bodies are getting more and more saturated with heavy metals, the longer time goes by. We get Heavy Metals from the air and from the water, they are in our food and drugs and drinks. I have yet to do an exam on anyone and they are clean from heavy metals. The least I find is LEAD, Cadmium, and Arsenic. Heavy metals damages our DNA and shortens our lifespan by contributing to the shortening of telomeres.

  Because of well documented and scientifically sound evidence coming down the chute of today’s information flow, regarding broken DNA pathways, and in the face of the multiplicity of health troubles domino-ing from this damage, it is vital to keep our bodies as clean and free from heavy metals and other toxins as possible, just so that we can actually have the functionality of our mind, immune system, digestion and elimination intact and function as God designed us to.

  This is your moment of opportunity.  Of all the items on the market that promote the idea that they remove heavy metals, not one of them has been proved to be effective enough, as blood testing shows in today’s world, chemicals made with heavy metals are still in the blood of all who are tested. Intestinal Detox Formula #2 has come the closest to removing loads of heavy metals, but not some of the more current ones, like the most prevalent of just the past 10 years. However, it does lessen the amounts, but only one item will totally remove ALL of the unwanted chemicals and heavy metals. Linked~UP DOES. By laboratory analysis of hundreds of people tested before and after taking this product, (even those who has spent thousands of dollars carefully on only organics) had the heavy metals in their blood…even umbilical and placental blood.  After taking Linked~UP, their blood tested free of todays current contaminants in the food.

Heaven never leaves us without a way out! And, Heaven is coming soon where we shall NOT have to worry about these contaminants in our food. The source for this product actually grew in the ground from creation to the flood era. Then it was preserved underground for all these few thousand years for today when God foresaw and foreknew that we would be in a life threatening  position if we did not have something to remove the heavy metals and contaminants that would take away our life and sound thinking. Its yours for the ordering—call LifeTree Wellness 208 245-3297 and order yours today, God Bless you in your efforts to have a clear mind and open ears to hear His love.