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Dr. Platt's Bio-Identical Estriol

Dr. Platt's Bio-Identical Estriol

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Product Description

This 2.5mg estriol cream is the exact strength that is available by prescription from compounding pharmacies.

The benefits of estriol include:

  • It’s the only estrogen that benefits vaginal dryness.
  • It’s the only estrogen that does not cause cancer.
  • It can be utilized to help women withdraw from estradiol preperations.
  • It can help with hot flashes or night sweats.
  • Estriol can be beneficial to the skin and bones.

Recommended dosages

For vaginal dryness:

One pump placed intravaginally once a day for10-14 days.
Then one pump once or twice a month for mainenance.

For estrogen withdrawal or relief of hot flashes/night sweats:

One pump applied to forearms every day as needed.

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