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Medical Missionary Training - What to do to prepare to come.

744 Reeds Creek Road   St. Maries, Idaho 83861
ntact #: 208 245-3297

Special Notice
Dates for 2018 have not be decided Please contact us of your interest.

If you’re flying in, you would need to book your ticket at (GEG) Spokane Washington Airport.
Send us a copy of your itinerary so that we know when to pick you up.
The first three (packed) weeks will be classroom instruction in the causes of disease, as verified by God’s word in His principles, and understood in today's scientific research of the unprecedented load of disease and sickness. The last three weeks will be actual hands-on—experiencing for yourself the remedies that God laid out for this load of disease and sickness.
We will discover the power of deep cleanses; thoroughly learning Hydrotherapy, Herbal Therapy/Preparations, Food Programs, Emergency Natural Healing, Natural Midwifery, Creative Healing Massage and Outreach;
and also an introduction to Gardening (if weather permits). 
This class is actually a very intense experience, as there is a lot to learn and many skills to be developed,
so come ready for a fun, full experience!

Financial Requests:
Supplies for the classes must be on hand before students arrival, so $800.00 needs to be here by 3 months before. This will secure your place in the six weeks class, and the needed tools for your learning. The remaining $1,600.00 you may bring at your arrival at our school, or send it any time before arrival. After you have paid for the deposit and or the full amount and you should need to cancel your class due to an emergency, we will be able to refund all but $200.00. 
For couples attending, we ask only $1000.00 for the spouse to cover the basic expenses of the stay and experience.
Ideally, for your sake, it may be helpful to plan some payments between now and class to help you defray the cost all at one time. We encourage you to pray much, asking for Gods plan, and look eagerly to the Lord for His opening providence and provision as you are planning to enter His program and plan for your life in His work.

Prerequisites to attending School:
Pray earnestly for Gods preparation of your heart.  We so desire His love and Spirit to fill each one of us with His compassion and understanding, first for our families, then for those for whom we are actually going to be ministering to.
Read or re-read the book Ministry of Healing. If you do not own one then call us and we will send one to you, but call timely for your benefit.
Directions to our School:
Please refer to the flyer below. This will tell more about our Medical Missionary School and will also have a map and give directions on how to get here.  If you plan to fly, it will be into Spokane Washington, the airport code there is GEG, as mentioned above.

Contact us: 
Be sure to call, email, or reply how ever you can and let us know right away so that we can plan for the best possible school. There are generally only 6 openings so be sure to call right away 208-245-3297. Ask for Swany or Elena

To Register for MMSchool:
Please email us at swany@lifetreewellness.com and give us your address, and any contact information you may think we would need in communication prior to coming. Give a request to attend classes, letting us know how many plan to come, how you plan to arrive (flying or driving), any questions you may have, and tell us what you want to accomplish at MMSchool. Also tell us, if you will, what you expect to do with the education that you will receive.

The first three weeks will be:
Classroom instruction  All about disease and its causes-Gods solutions, and current issues
Clinical experience in the Foundational Program  

The second three weeks will be:
Learning The Incurables Program
Hands on learning of the first three weeks  

Supplies that will be made available in class:
Blood Pressure cuffs (for sale: if available)
Stethoscopes (for sale: if available)
Herbal products for the cleanses (incurable kit)
Other tools of the trade
Food and Lodging

What you need to bring:
Warm clothing for the season (Chilly weather before both classes are done)
Hiking/gardening clothes/shoes
Gardening gloves/clothes
Personal needs
Ministry of Healing (Book)
Paper and pens
Prayerful spirit for Gods leading

Four hours a day for class instruction by Swany Dittman Sunday-Thursday the first three weeks; two hours a day (S-Th) class instruction by Shawn Dittman in Creative Healing Massage, with 4 hours on Friday. Textbooks and class instruction booklet will be given out in class. Herbal products for your participation in class will be part of the course.

Cause of Disease, Toxic vs. Faith Based thoughts by Dr. Caroline Leaf, Hydrotherapy, Creative Healing Massage, Diet Therapy, Herbal Therapy, Exercise, Rest (including Fasting), Organic Gardening whenever possible, some Physiology, Trauma Healing, Herbal Preparation, and Deep Cleansing are some of the subjects taught and experienced.  The Spirit Of Prophecy Blueprint is taught and encouraged for the opening of Sanitariums.  

We are limited in how much internet that we can use, it is very expensive here in the mountains. So please come with the understanding that even though internet will show up on your computer, please do not use it unless you ask us first, then we can see if there is enough GB for your need. However we do have a second line for necessary communications with your work or home that number is 208-245-6941.

Weekends will have church attendance available for those who desire to go. We attend a SDA church in Spokane, WA on Saturday. On occasion, we may conduct a home-church service at LifeTree Wellness.

We look forward to having you as a part of LifeTree Wellness, and in our lives as well.

Swany Dittman, Director
LifeTree Wellness
Turtle Island Network Provider.