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Raw Borscht—yummy good


Blend these ingredients well in a blender or Vita-Mix

2          C         Water

3          Beets   chopped

1          Small root of ginger sliced

3-4       Large cloves of garlic

6-7       Bay leaves

Pour the blended mixture into a big bowel

Blend the following ingredients for a short time approx. 30 sec.

2          C         Water  

2          C         Carrots

2          Stalks Celery

2          Tbsp    Lemon Juice fresh squeezed include some rind if organic

1          Tbsp    Honey

½         C         Olive oil; Celtic salt to taste

Add ½ C Walnuts and blend on low speed very quickly, so they just break into small pieces but are not blended.  Pour into the same bowl and stir. Dice and grate:  ¼ Head cabbage; 1-2 Carrots; 1 Bunch parsley.  Add grated ingredients to the blended mixture.  Stir and serve.