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Tips - Best habits

  1. bsolutely DO NOT eat any sugar that has been processed and refined! Do not take them in any form. Research has shown how toxic they really and and show that they cause definite injury to the gut, your genetics and DNA. Your brain”s chemistry is changed in an twisted, distorted way, so that various behavioral patterns change in our psyche.  It will surely bring disaster if you do not eliminate it from your diet. The exciting fact is that you will be much stronger in your ability to fight off any flu bug, acute or chronic infection, or inflammation if you limit your consumption of sweet fruits, dried fruits, honey, maple sugar, succanat, even all these good sugars to no less than 15 gms per 24 hours. Especially if you are the type of person who is showing elevated blood sugars in circulation in the blood.  Use Liquid Stevia extract only for your sweetening needs; this is the one that is a liquid. Never use the white powder, as it is processed, refined.
  2. Cooked or heated fats, such as roasted nuts, fried foods, etc. are not to be considered nutritious foods. These foods when eaten are not digested as they should be, and the result is severe acid waste thrown off into your body, not essential or other basic fatty acids that serve your bodies health. This causes the liver to put out extra fats to protect your body from their acidity and morbid matter, but your pH still declines and morbid conditions begin to take over you. 
  3. There are some absolute DO NOTS and these include and are not limited to: soda pop, coffee, alcohol in any form (herbal tinctures are to be evaporated first before drinking), tobacco in any form, OTC drugs (over the counter), aspirin and Tylenol are very harmful to the body especially in the presence of a stressed liver, (which most of us have),and viruses-of which we all are all known as humans to have at last 9 viruses per body cell. Aspirin or any product containing aspirin such as Advil, should not be consumed. Use hydrotherapy, as it has been given us to relieve pain by its healing virtues. For blood thinning use red clover tea which works far better than aspirin not only to thin blood but also to heal the epithelial lining of arteries, medical literature has a line of articles discouraging doctors from prescribing even baby aspirin for blood thinning  purposes.   Mercury is one of the most toxic substances that you can take into your body, and it comes in by dental fillings, eating fish, vaccines, and other avenues. It would be worth your while to look into this.  Do not eat FISH; Get rid of your silver fillings.  DO NOT OVEREAT period; cut back on the amount if you are a big eater. This overeating is a cut above all other "Do Nots." Even if you did every other thing correctly and still overate, you would still deteriorate and become ill long before your time. The body can only handle a certain amount of food, and the Holy Spirit must speak to your heart about how much. For an idea of how much you could eat safely, put your two fists together and that is how big your stomach actually should be unless you have stretched it.
  4. A merry heart does good like a medicine was never any truer than today. God is our peace, joy and happiness, and following Him with a clear conscience is grand, it brings peace, joy and happiness. Do not listen to the news, unless you are riveted in the truth that God carries our burdens, and the Holy Spirit is directing  you’re life. Listen only by divine appointment, as even the most of the truth about the news you listen to is distorted to meet some agenda. The news has been programmed for many years to bring to the people what “they” (those at the planning and executive levels of the agenda for global control) want you to hear so that you will think and respond with how “they” want you to. It is very depressing, and derails your faith in Jesus. Remember that by beholding we become changed into the image of what we behold.  Positive, uplifting towards heaven, loving, tender, compassionate, forgiving, merciful, PATIENT thoughts are the only ones that we can afford to allow ourselves to indulge in. These bring healing.  If there be any thing good (all good things cometh down from above)…think on these things.  Study as never before, the WORD-Jesus Christ! If you are not in the habit of studying your Bible, then do not wait any longer. Begin today! Now! It has been proven by Neurological (brain chemistry) science to be the one MOST ALKALINIZING activity that you can do to restore your critical pH levels. A scientifically proven fact in the last 10 years! When this is in place-you have the strongest immune system possible! It is a win win situation! Begin today with the heavenly gift of health by claiming it according to the promises in God’s word and praising Him for this free gift. It is yours for the accepting it…

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