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 is one way how you may think about honoring and giving glory to God! Wow! what a statement! Think about it though, before you form any judgments about it…”Whether ye eat or drink, or what so ever ye do, do all to the glory of God” 1 cor 10:31 What a beautiful loving request from God Himself, He will enable you to do this for your asking! Because, what ever you put into your mouth, food or otherwise, has a direct influence upon your mind (thinking) first, then eyes, brain (physical) and nervous system, and following these every tissue in the body. 

Here is the punch line: "why we eat" is determined by how we think about this request from God, not because we’re hungry or in need of nourishment, that is all simply physical, material. But, our choices such as what we put into our bodies has a direct relation to this request from God. Our degree of connection with God will determine our quality of health because “what you believe has power over you! Just remember though, that you have power over what you believe—you have choice to honor God in your food choices or to honor self and cultivated tastes. He has promised to raise a standard against the enemy of our souls and deliver us out of all of our temptations, for He Has Broken the Power of Sin Over us That “poor food choices” Should NOT Reign Over Us.

In order to strengthen your immune system in the highest manner possible, it must have only living foods put into it via your stomach and digestion, so here are a few suggestions—notice the principle running through all of the suggestions!

  1. EAT lots of fresh vegetables. Train your tastes; it only takes about two weeks to change your tastes. If the will is set, the body comes into line. Sprout your grains and legumes whether you will eat them raw or cook them. Eat lots of sprouts everyday! Eat only raw soaked nuts. Some of the seeds need soaking as well, such as pumpkin and sunflower, this improves digestion greatly. Digestion of these proteins is the most important issue. A good rule of thumb is to eat 8-10 nuts after a meal daily and chew thoroughly until like milk. This will be adequate and not too much protein in combination with all of your other food. Americans eat lots of protein but are deficient across the board in proteins and proper fats, due to imbalanced eating and lack of digestion. So chew your food until it is like milk before you swallow, even your liquids. As you are not cooking with oils or salt, so add a little oil or salt to your food at the table. Be sure to use Pink Himalayan salt. Regular eating of fresh garlic goes a long way in preserving our health and strength of the immune system, as well as cleaning out our arteries veins and cellular membranes. 
  2. Drink Green smoothies daily. Here is a recipe for one person: 2 cups water in your blender, add two cups of green leafy plants like kale, chard, beet greens etc, then add two cups of fresh acid/sub acid fruit like granny smith apple, berries, kiwi, etc. This loads you with soluble and non-soluble fiber, excellent minerals in a usable form, vitamins and mineral salts.This one thing alone will change your whole health picture. Fresh squeezed vegetable juices will give you excellent amino acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and nutritive boosts that strengthen your defenses. Drink at least 4 cups daily. 
  3. Be sure to keep your eliminatory channels such as bowel and skin, open and clean. Skin brush daily for at least 10 minutes, this can take off up to 70 percent of the load on the kidneys and liver. Then step into the shower and get warm. Crank up the hot water to as hot as you can stand it for three minutes. Be sure the “hot” is not stinging you for that would be too hot and not move blood correctly. After the three minutes, then turn the cold way down to where it makes you take a deep breath, but is not numbing cold - not ‘brain freezing’ cold, just cold enough to move blood. This is necessary to rush the blood volume back into the organs. Do this for one minute directing it all over the entire body but especially to the head, neck and spine as these communicate to and control the whole rest of the body. Return to the hot, 3 minutes, then cold again and keep repeating these rounds until you have been doing this for 30 minutes all together, or 7 of each temperature. Do this daily. Ok, so that is the skin, the largest elimination organ. The most important one is the bowels. I suggest that you get them going with Intestinal Cleanse Formula #1 and keep that going for no less than 3-6 months as this heals the sluggish smooth muscle that so many of us Americans have developed due to lack of fiber. Then in conjunction with the #1 formula, Begin the #2 formula according to the directions that come with them. This is huge in fiber, clay and charcoal as well as cleansing herbs. This acts as a vacuum cleaner, and a sponge; and pulls out heavy metals, drugs residues, chemicals such as synthetic hormones, food additives that have so intruded our body tissues like the Neuro-toxic elements. They will pull out mercury and strontium 90, the contrast medium. It will also get rid of the morbid matter and toxic plaques that we have formed in our bodies. It helps to get rid of the LDL when they are in excess, and any infectious matter present in the GI tract. Once all of these foundational programs/behaviors are in place then it is time for us to consider some deeper cleansing such as the kidneys and the liver and that is another whole lesson. If you are interested you can reply to lifetreewellness@yahoo.com and we will either send you information on how to do that, come teach classes, or direct you to someone in your area that knows how. 

 I sincerely hope that this will not only help you be defended by God in this flu issue, but also in all the issues of life. First, our trust and belief and faith must be a REALITY, a LIVING EXPERIENCE. And then we will obey our precious Savior by His faith and life within us, not only in the moral law but in the physical laws as well, for we are told that those are as sacred as the moral and “must control all who would enter the Heavenly Canaan land... for, they are also a transcript of His Character as well” HL pg 17

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